We Can All Do Better, Start Now

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” -Maya Angelou

Did you notice that Maya Angelou did not say when you know better, you will do better? She said, when you know better, do better. Yes, it is a subtle difference but an important one. Just because we no better does not guarantee that we will do better, does it? If that were the case, the world would be very different than it is today.

You would think as a moral and civilized society that we would? Yes, I know there are times when we do. However, many times we do not, right? Have you ever wondered why that happens? Surely you are curious enough to wonder, aren’t you? It is easy to point figures at the government, some other person or entity, but have you ever asked yourself why don’t I do better when I know better?

For example, you know you should not eat that dessert or a particular food, but you do anyway. You find a way to justify it, just one more time, which turns into ten more times.

We all know that staying healthy requires exercise, but many do not take the time. Saying, I am too busy to exercise, I will start tomorrow, or perhaps you begin for a few days or weeks and then quit. Why did you stop? Was there a valid reason, or did the mind make one up for you?

Then there are problems like racism, the environment, and a host of other movements and issues that we may personally feel needs to be addressed. Still, we have yet to do better either collectively or individually.

We know when we have done something wrong, but we make excuses. It is not a big problem, so why should I trouble myself. Yes, we are masters at not doing what we could but instead opting to do what we want, no matter the consequences. I am sure that you could add to what I mentioned above; it seems endless to me. How about you?

Would you be willing to pick one thing or area in your personal life and do better? Where do you know better and yet struggle to do better? Pick one and make a permanent change for the better. You are more than capable of following through this time, so make it happen. When a thought comes in, or the mind tries to distract you from doing better, say no to the distraction. You will not regret it, so start now.

Short and Sweet #163 – Just Do The Right Thing

Sounds simple doesn’t it, but it is not always that easy for most of us. However, in truth it should be simple to do the right thing every time.

How many times do we hear about a person, company or government not doing the right thing? It seems like daily there is something in the news, happening locally or personally. Why is it when someone tries to do the right thing they are often chastised for doing it? The truth is if we all did the right thing in every situation this world would be very different wouldn’t it. I wonder how different things would be if we were not so focused on material things, power, money and so rigid in our rightness. These things often lead us astray and cause us to do the wrong thing.

If you really want things to be different in this world or just in your own life, then you have to start doing the right things. In every situation that happens around the world, whether it is with another country, a company or a government, we must remember that people just like you and me run them all. When we find out that something bad has happened it is because a person or group of people have chosen to do the wrong thing at some point. We all know what that feels like because we all have done something wrong in this life.

Why is it when someone comes along who is brave enough to expose the truth they are held to be criminal or have to be protected from possible harm. These whistle blowers should be held in high regard for their courage and honesty. If they were then more people would come forward to expose the wrongdoing of others.

In order to change the whole, we have to start with the pieces and we are all a piece of the whole. Let each event where you know that someone did not do the right thing be a signpost for you to look at your own life. Instead of judging other people for not doing the right thing, look within for where you are not doing the right thing. Instead of getting angry because of what other people are doing, look at your life and see where you can do better, where you can do the right thing. Let me assure you that there is always some part of your life where you can make a shift. Be observant over your thoughts, words, and actions and when you become aware of something that needs to shift, take the simple action of doing the right thing.

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