The Truth

“The truth resides in the heart of the soul, not the desires of the ego. Therefore, there will always be dissenting opinions and conspiracy theories because of this mistaken identification with the ego’s desires.”

The Ego and Political Post

Be careful when you read the following. Your ego may feel threatened by my words, and it may want to strike out, or it may feel attacked. However, if you slow your thoughts down and listen to them, or notice how you feel emotionally and physically, you may begin to wake-up and see just how ludicrous or ill meaning they are.

Social media political posts are nothing more than the expression of our ego. It does nothing to change the course of political opinion. It alone will never alter the mind of any person who has the opposite beliefs. In fact, it only agitates them. To verify this, you only have to look at how you feel when you read a post that disagrees with your politics or beliefs. What thoughts do you have when this happens? Does your body become tense? Do you become angry, anxious, or frustrated?

Making these kinds of posts only satisfies your egos desire to be right, feel powerful, or make yourself feel better in some way. Then these very same desires cloud your ability to see or hear the truth.

The only way to change what we do not like in life is to engage life in more meaningful ways, and when it comes to politics, voting is at the top of the list. Therefore, if you are one of those people who post political information regularly on your page or elsewhere, ask yourself, what is my intent? Is it to show everyone I am right? Is it to feel powerful? Or is it to make myself feel good, or some other ego-driven reason?

Could you spend that energy in a different way to have a more significant impact? If your answer is no, then, by all means, continue to make your posts. However, if it is yes, then I encourage you to engage with life in more essential ways. Because I can assure you, your posts do not make a significant impact on your life, the country you live in, or the world. They only feed your ego.

Looking Beyond

For the Seeker of Enlightenment

The spiritual seeker who seeks enlightenment for himself or herself to help everyone else is being misled by their own ego and thoughts. In a covert way, it perpetuates our separation. We must recognize that this is a collective journey. The future of spirituality will not be found in the “enlightenment” of a single person or group of people, it will arrive through us collectively.

Therefore the phrase, “we are all one” is not just a catchphrase, but brings to light the totality of consciousness. Our recognition and experience of this truth brings our energy into alignment with the creative force of the Universe. This shift in thinking is more valuable than our efforts up to this point. Once we embody this truth, any action we take from this higher level of understanding will accelerate the ongoing evolution of our collective spiritual journey and it will accelerate the arrival of enlightenment on the collective level.

The recognition and experience that “we are all one” is shown to us through an internal knowing, intuition or personal experience, and is accessed in a state of non-thinking. A state of non-thinking can be reached in many ways, meditation, contemplative prayer, time alone in nature or any other way that quiets the mind.

You do not seek this experience, but allow it into your awareness by awakening to what is. When we are awestruck by a beautiful sunset we do not seek the feeling out it just happens, because the awe that you experience is in the sunset. This is also true when experiencing the totality of consciousness and our oneness. However, if you are too busy experiencing the busyness of life, your thinking will never slow down enough to connect with your True-Self, which is one with the totality of all things.

Do not allow the thinking of your False-Self to tell you that you do not have time or that when you do take time that it is not working. Because this is how the cunning False-Self keeps us looped in a perpetual state of busyness. From here we cannot experience our oneness, release our conditioning or see the truth that is all around us.

Short and Sweet #184 – A More Fulfilling Life

Life changes when we have this one important realization. Every struggle we face in life, including those with other people, begins with thinking the problem is with them or lies somewhere out in the world. Changing our perception and realizing that the problem resides within, takes us out of resistance and struggle. Changing the inner world first is ALWAYS the best option for the highest outcome for all involved. This allows the creative energy of the universe to flow smoothly again and a greater sense of peace arrives.

Moreover, when we look out into the world, it is much easier to see all the problems around us. This is because the mind loves problems and the ego always assumes that they come from somewhere else. The mind thrives on solving problems and if there aren’t any, it will create them, just so it has something to do. If you don’t believe me, then try going an hour without seeing a problem, seeing that something needs to be done, fixed or resolved. Make this challenge even more interesting by not making judgments. Are you too busy or can you commit to one hour to live a more fulfilling life. If that seems like too much, then try ten minutes. What have you go to lose?

During this hour only focus on the beauty around you, live in gratitude for what you have and for being alive. See if you can go the whole time without slipping back into thinking about your problems or what needs to be done. Yes, but I do not have time for that, I have to…

If you cannot find a way to do this, then how can you expect to enjoy life? How can you expect life to meet you fully wherever you are right now, if you are always trying to control or fix life? There is a time to create and do things. However, you will find one day that even more important than all those things is finding a way to just BE with life. To see and feel what is right in front of you. The miraculous, beautiful and magnificent world we live in and all that comes with it.

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Short and Sweet #130 – The Heart Matters

Many of the bad things that happen in this world happen out of fear. Some of the reasons and things I hear about the children coming over the border, rockets being fired in the Middle East, opponents of gay marriage are all based in fear. Oh, I know there is a story, justification and plenty of excellent reasons why people feel the way they feel. However let’s be honest it has nothing to with these stories, justifications or excellent reasons it has everything to do with fear. Fear of not getting what we want. Fear of losing what we have. Fear that someone is taking what is ours or fearing what we do not understand.

When we do not feel abundant and allow the ego to run our lives this is what happens. The alternative is to drop down from the mind and into the heart because this is only place we can make a higher choice. I think about some of the people speaking out about the border crossings and I wonder what they would feel if this were their children. I think about the parents of these kids and how they agonized over letting their kids go but feeling they had no choice. In some cases, thinking this was the only way to save their lives. I marvel at people when they use the bible to say something is wrong even though Jesus always came from love. He would never turn someone away for his or her beliefs or ailments. He always came from love even when he was dying on the cross. Yet somehow, we feel justified by our choices because of scripture and forget about how Jesus lived his life and all the other great masters that walked this earth.

I know that when we come from the heart, united in these situations we would find solutions that are for the highest good of all concerned. Instead, we become rigid in our beliefs and positions, which will not allow the right solutions to come. It reminds me when we struggle to remember something and cannot, when we let go the answer comes. As long as we fight to hold our position the answer will not come, however if we are willing to drop down into the heart know that there is nothing more important than are relationships with our fellow human beings then things will change. Material things have to less important than the person who is walking by you on the street, the drunk in the alley or the child crossing the border. Know that everyone on this planet has the same basic human needs, to be safe, happy, have food, water and shelter. No matter where someone lives in this world, every parent wants their children to have a better life than they had. Everyone wants his or her family to be safe and not worry that another bomb is coming. The only way this can happen is for all of us to remember one thing. The next time a choice or decision comes that makes us feel fear or uncomfortable go to the heart instead of the mind for the answer. It will always come if you let go of the fear.


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Short and Sweet #119 – Clearing Collective Consciousness

We are all part of the collective consciousness and as such, every thought and action we take effects everyone. It is important to realize that we have an impact on everything and everyone in this world through our thoughts and actions.

Our mind and ego will look outwardly to place blame for our difficulties. While it is easier to point fingers at those people or that thing as the problem, the truth is our difficulties have nothing to do with external circumstances. Until we understand this and are willing to act on this truthful insight, we will continue to suffer.

How do we expect to live in a peaceful world when we are not peaceful? How can we expect to live in a loving world when we are still judging others and expressing anger towards those that we say we love? When we can take one-hundred percent responsibility for our own thoughts, words and actions without placing blame outwardly towards someone else, then we can begin to create the world we all wish to have.

If million man marches would bring peace, we would have it. If prayer alone would bring peace, we would have it. It is time to take responsibility for our own thoughts, words and actions. Once we begin to bring mindfulness and awareness inwardly, we can begin to clear the collective consciousness. Without bringing mindfulness in to our lives, we cannot develop awareness and without awareness, we are destined to repeat the actions and behaviors that created all of our problems.

“You can live a lifetime and, at the end of it, know more about other people than you know about yourself.”

– Beryl Markham

What are you willing to do today to start bringing mindfulness into your life? Even if you feel happy in your life, is there something more you can do to help the collective? Are you willing to go deeper and receive the soulful guidance that awaits you? Only you can answer these questions and only you can take the next step. Know that once you do all the support and guidance you need will be available to you.


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Short and Sweet #118 – Mind and Ego = ME = False Self

Do not be fooled by your thoughts into believing that the body you inhabit is your True-Self. We need the ego, mind and body for this human experience. In fact, the body is one of our greatest spiritual teachers. However, they are only tools to be used during our time here.

If we do not question our thoughts and beliefs, we will be lulled into believing what they tell us. We then make decisions based on this false guidance. Do not take my word for it; prove it to yourself by beginning to listen to your thoughts, question your beliefs and begin to see the truth unravel before your eyes.

I do not need to be psychic to know that you have suffered in your life because of your thoughts, perceptions and beliefs about something or someone. Our beliefs and conditioning are so deeply rooted that it can be hard to break away from the False-Self. Without awareness and awakening from the lower vibration of the human form, we are destined to continue to suffer.

It is only when we are trapped by the ego and mind that we feel justified in our suffering. We point outwardly to the problem; it is something or someone else’s fault. However, the real problem lies within us because of our beliefs, perceptions and the thoughts that arise from our conditioned and distorted view of life. When we let go of these false views we see that our suffering was in vain.

The next time you find yourself suffering, begin to see it as an opportunity to let go of your false views. Know that your suffering is not a waste of time and use it for your highest good. It is telling you that you are seeing things through the eyes of the False-Self, it is a wake-up call.

You do not have to allow the mind and ego free reign over your life. You can release the False-Self and uncover your True-Self without suffering by bringing your awareness into the present. Recognize that your suffering is a signal to come back to your True-Self and know that with it your suffering will end. You now have a useful indicator and with practice you can eliminate suffering from your life. In the meantime, you can shorten the duration of your suffering by using your awareness ending the rein of the mind and ego over your life.


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Short and Sweet #60 – Soul vs. Ego

The soul is the balance point and bridge between spirit and matter. Without this balance point, we would be unable to function in our human experience because we would be mired in matter or transcend into spirit. As we look back at our past actions individually and collectively, we can see that when we spend too much time in the intellect we open the door for the ego to take charge. Once this transition in HEADship takes place then we become lost. We spend our time seeking power, control, material wealth and other dishonorable pursuits like war. The intellect can never fully understand the Divine for if it could we would not need faith. When we are connected to Soul guidance, we are able to offer compassion and empathy; love becomes the foundation for our actions. It is true that we need the intellect as part of our human experience, so it and ego have a purpose as everything does in the universe. They should be a part of the human experience but never our foundation and they certainly should never have the final say from where we act. When making a decision or choice ask yourself why you are making it, are you acting from ego; are you spending too much time intellectualizing over your decision or can you drop down into your heart and ask spirit for direction. Is your choice coming from a loving place for yourself, others and the planet or is it driven only by the intellect and ego. Being aware and awake enough to see this distinction will change the direction of your life.