The Brain, Body and Healing

Your body is a wonder and does so much more than you think or know. Only considering it one thing, like a temple or a vehicle to use on this human journey is so naïve. For example, it is a storehouse of emotion, information, and energy. Of course, all things in their purest form are energy.

Many think that the brain is where all data is stored. However, this is far from the truth, unprocessed elements are often left behind in various parts of the body. In fact, this unprocessed energy can be stored anywhere in the body. This type of energy can affect you immediately or lie dormant for years undetected and then rise up causing illness, pain or emotional upheaval after trauma or some other trigger.

There are many ways of exploring and releasing this energy. For instance, certain types of bodywork like Spiral Release Bodywork®, energy work, yoga or meditation to name a few. Each one of us must find the path that allows us to let go. Just be careful that your own conditioning does not fool you into thinking you are on the right road only to wake up years later realizing you are still lost. When progress is being made when your life changes for the better rather than remaining the same, you know you are going the correct way, which will need rigorous honesty on your part.

Life needs us to bring greater awareness into our lives to heal, to reconnect with our True-Self and to release the False-Self, the person we have become from this energy and our conditioning. If we are not willing to feel our pain and emotion, then we are destined to live out our lives in a haze never realizing the greater possibilities available to us.

Everything is…

“The things we see and touch in this world seem solid, including the human body. However, we know through physics that this is not true and everything at its most fundamental level is energy. We must begin to think about energy in these terms if we want to evolve our understanding of healing, wholeness and living life on this planet. This is not just about discoveries in physics, but bringing this awareness into our everyday life.”

I wonder…

I wonder, can you experience the depth of your own being in more than just a superficial way?

I wonder, can you see past your own aches and pain to something deeper, more meaningful and true?

I wonder, do you realize that once you do, everything is just energy?

I wonder, do you know that this energy, which we call consciousness drives our evolution?

I wonder, when you look in the mirror or at the person next to you, that no matter what you see, that we are all one; that we are all part of this energy?

I wonder, if you realized this as more than a concept and embodied it, would the world remain as it is?

I wonder, would love be more common than our differences?

I wonder, will we ever wake up to the God within or remain hostage to the devil that lurks in the minds of those who do not question, but only follow their conditioning?

I wonder…

Short and Sweet #95 – Circular Self-Destruction

I know, what in the world is Circular Self-Destruction (CSD). It sounds ominous doesn’t it? You should know that we are all infected by it. OK, I just made it up but that does not mean that you are not infected by it, let me explain.

Have you ever heard something that you lived your life by, only to find out later that it was not true? How about life is hard, have you heard this one? Do you believe this is true? Hear me out before you go listening to your thoughts, which are probably saying that life can be hard. If you have heard this, can you remember where you heard it for the first time? How many things have you heard like this; not remember where you heard it, yet live by it blindly?

We are like sponges soaking up information in the form of energy from the time of conception until we die. When we are a baby, we do not understand language but we pick information up from our parents and surroundings by what we hear, see and most importantly feel. We begin to learn about getting attention and what we need and as we grow older, we mimic our parent’s words and actions. Learning and forming beliefs does not always come from what we think as traditional ways of learning, like school or watching our parents.

We learn many things in this world just by being in it through the diffusion of energy. Many of our beliefs are formed unconsciously through the energetic transmittance that emanates from all things. Simply put we unconsciously pick up information from the energy field of the people around us and the energy field that we live in. Now if this sounds crazy to you just think about a time when you were in a large crowd or even just with one person and you walked away feeling different than you did before that experience. What do you think changed your state?

OK back to the example that life is hard. Once you receive this message and believe it, this effects your energy field. Then when something challenges you in life, you immediately think to yourself they were right, life is hard. For some people it is so strong that the unconscious thought keeps repeating and then difficult things happen more often because they are drawn to them energetically and this creates CSD. This can happen with any belief we have such as, “you have to work hard for your money”. If you believe this statement, then what do you think your work life will be like. Now I am not saying that we shouldn’t work hard, but there is a big difference between working hard by choice or thinking that the only way to make money is to work hard.

Can you experience life challenges differently? Of course you can, you can look at them as opportunities and learn from them. Resistance shows up any time we think something is hard and this can cause suffering. The way to release any pattern of behavior is first become aware of it, which I have talked about before. Look at your life and see if you are exhibiting CSD behavior. Is it time to shift some energy?

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