What are you focusing on…

“We focus on the negatives, losing ourselves in the ‘problem.’ We point to our unhappy circumstances to rationalize our negative feelings. This is the easy way out. It takes, after all, very little effort to feel victimized.” – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

“When we only see our problems as problems, we suffer. What I have noticed is when I begin looking at a problem as an opportunity my experience changes. The sooner I do this the less I suffer and the quicker I find my way out. To see how true this is, look back at your life and what your problems have taught you about living life more fully. If you cannot see this then you are still in the problem and still suffering.” –Tim Custis

Short and Sweet #40 – Failure

We should not be discouraged by our failures in life or for that matter anything from our past. With each moment is the opportunity to begin anew. Everyone has failed at something or in some way in his or her life. The perfection in life includes failure. When we learn from our failures, they help us to transform and make a stronger connection with the Divine. It is only when failure consumes us that we are stuck, we do not see a way out, feel lost and hide from the truth of our situation. We hope that if we do not give it any attention that it will go away, but it never does. Why, because we are being given an opportunity to learn something about ourselves that will change our lives for the better. It is only when we face the truth and deal with the situation from an open honest place that we can release the past and move on. The next time you feel overwhelmed by failure wake up to the opportunity and become closer to the Divine.