Mine, Yours, OURS

When our desire for money, security and even safety is driven by fear, are we following the teachings of our religion, especially when it is at the expense of those who are suffering? Would this be the choice of Jesus, Mohammad or Buddha? In addition, if you are not religious, are you doing the moral and right thing when you allow these choices to be made?

What are we so afraid of in this life that we would put our own interest ahead of those who are suffering, perhaps that we too will suffer? Maybe our greatest gift will come in taking this risk and reaching out with our hearts instead of trying to put walls up to protect what we think is ours and ours alone. Remember nothing is ours to begin with and all is meant to be shared. We should no longer be the selfish child on the playground, but the generous and loving adult that we grew up to be.

It is always easier to be frustrated than to be kind.
It is always easier to be angry than to forgive.
It is always easier to hate than to love.

We all have the opportunity to look within and make different choices in this life, today, tomorrow, and always.


Short and Sweet #181 – Learning From Wrongness

If you want to change your life, seek out what you feel is your wrongness. Know that when someone’s wrongness comes out and it is pointed in your direction, that we all carry the burden of our perceived wrongness. This is not personal, except when you think it is. You must forgive them, as you would want to be forgiven. Know that even when you are working on yourself and doing your best it may come out. Make amends to that person as soon as you can and most of all forgive yourself. We all need to let go of our perceived wrongness to be at peace, live in joy and stop hurting one another.

Do not expect to receive amends when you feel hurt lest your own wrongness will come out, forgive instead. If you do receive amends, then be grateful and remember how that feels. This will help you remember to make amends when your wrongness comes out.

Learn from wrongness so when necessary you can take the proper action. I have found that when we let go and heal our wrongness, often the troublesome people in our lives leave. When this is not possible, we find that their actions no longer bother us in the same way.

Repeatedly expecting someone else’s behavior to be different will not change their behavior and only causes you to suffer. Let go of your expectation and see the truth of their behavior. It is only by being present with the truth, that you can move forward and find peace again.

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Short and Sweet #177 – Forgiveness

You cannot truly know the fullness of love without being able to forgive; being able to overlook the faults of others and realize that at our core we are perfection, we are divine. Without forgiveness, we lash out in fear, in bigotry, in anger, in jealousy, in violence and experience a myriad of other unhealthy emotions. These uncontrolled reactions affect our health, our peace of mind and the energetic balance of our vibrational field. They played a major role in creating the world.

When we forgive from the heart, we reestablish the balance and connection with our purity and perfection, the True-Self. We know this because once we forgive; we feel relieved, happy, calm and peace returns to our inner being. Forgiveness is the recognition of the Divine in those we forgive and a true act of self-love. In that moment, we have released the separation of our conditioning and connected with our True-Self and the oneness of all things. This is why we feel peace again and this is how we begin to change the world.

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Short and Sweet #71 – Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not for the other person, it is for our benefit and it is a healing practice. We should never put limits on it because once we do we are the one who suffers. Forgiveness does not say that we condone, excuse or pardon someone’s actions. What it does say is that I love myself enough to let go and heal. It is that simple, do you love yourself enough to forgive someone else for his or her actions so that you can have peace. You should not have to wait for them to say or do anything, like apologizing. If you want an apology then it is because your ego needs one. What if they never offer you an apology, do you want to hold onto your anger and suffer for the rest of your life? Because this is what will happen and it will cause problems in your body and your health over time if you do not let go and forgive.

For those of you who want to go deeper with this healing practice, recognize that we are all one. That energetically we are all connected and part of the creative energy of the universe. This means we are not separate from God, but part of God as everything is in creation. I am that, you are that, all this is that and that’s all there is. This means that we take 100 percent responsibility for everyone and everything. (See #12 and #15 for more thoughts on this.) Once we are able to do this, forgive and do The Practice (see #24) then we can begin clearing the collective energy, which helps us all to let go. Your human senses and left-brain will tell you otherwise, it will say this is not possible. However, your soul and spirit will know the truth of what I am saying. When I forgive you, I am forgiving myself and this is why it is healing to everyone to forgive.