Important Announcement

After 25 years providing bodywork to my friends and clients and founding my bodywork technique Spiral Release®, I am now offering a new technique called, The Pellowah Healing Technique©. It made such a dramatic difference in my life that I received the training so I could offer this service to others. In addition to being able to receive this technique in person, it can be done at a distance. This allows anyone in the world to receive this incredible work right in their very own home. To find out more click on the Pellowah tab at the top of this page.

Change Your Perspective Change Your Life

Your problems are not your life.

Your pain is not your life.

Your suffering arises when you see these things as your life, and not as the gifted teachers they are. You end up living in your suffering instead of living in your life.

Change your perspective and change your life.

See your problems as opportunities.

See your pain as an opportunity.

What we first see as a problem is actually an opportunity to grow and change for the better. We have been ignoring our internal guidance and the problem has surfaced to help guide us to something greater. Trust God and the Universe to lead the way and provide all you need. Listen to this guidance and your suffering will begin to shift.

When we have pain in our body, it is an opportunity to heal something we have been ignoring in our life or our body. Once again, we have failed to listen to our intuition and the pain has surfaced to guide us to healing.

The solutions and healings do not always materialize in the way our minds think they should but in a way that is for our ultimate highest good and this is true for everyone around us as well when we follow this godly guidance. Even if the problem or pain is still around, because our perspective has changed our experience has changed and our suffering has changed.