What Have You Traded Love For?

Our society has traded…

LOVE for indifference

LOVE for hate

LOVE for anger

LOVE for resentment

LOVE for _____________

Without LOVE, COMPASSION, KINDNESS, and EMPATHY, we become a society of unconscious beings who put their wants and needs first. Living life this way leaves us feeling lonely, empty, and sad. We look to get more material things, wealth, and power to gain a false sense of security. We struggle with everyday life, feeling there has to be more to life, never realizing that what we seek cannot be found externally.

For those who have the courage, the willingness, and an unbending intention, a more profound journey takes place, one that will bring more balance between our external and internal worlds. We cannot find this balance by just seeking more knowledge or using our intellect alone. It cannot be found by going to church, the synagogue, mosque, or other worship places, without continuing to do the work after leaving these hallowed halls.

Once again, we must connect with the tenderness of the heart, just think of small children, how open and joyous they live. How quickly they let go of their upset. The brash and hard exteriors we have falsely created to protect ourselves only leads to conflict, hurt, and suffering. You only have to look around to see this, feel it, and hear it everywhere across the planet.

You have a simple choice that, for many, will be hard to make. However, at some point, whether now, on your deathbed or somewhere in between, a choice will be made. Just remember that not making a decision now is a choice.

When enough people begin to go inward and explore self-inquiry, everything will change for everyone. Will you be one of the courageous beings who steps towards your True-Self? Or will you continue to hold tight onto who you have become?

Short and Sweet #130 – The Heart Matters

Many of the bad things that happen in this world happen out of fear. Some of the reasons and things I hear about the children coming over the border, rockets being fired in the Middle East, opponents of gay marriage are all based in fear. Oh, I know there is a story, justification and plenty of excellent reasons why people feel the way they feel. However let’s be honest it has nothing to with these stories, justifications or excellent reasons it has everything to do with fear. Fear of not getting what we want. Fear of losing what we have. Fear that someone is taking what is ours or fearing what we do not understand.

When we do not feel abundant and allow the ego to run our lives this is what happens. The alternative is to drop down from the mind and into the heart because this is only place we can make a higher choice. I think about some of the people speaking out about the border crossings and I wonder what they would feel if this were their children. I think about the parents of these kids and how they agonized over letting their kids go but feeling they had no choice. In some cases, thinking this was the only way to save their lives. I marvel at people when they use the bible to say something is wrong even though Jesus always came from love. He would never turn someone away for his or her beliefs or ailments. He always came from love even when he was dying on the cross. Yet somehow, we feel justified by our choices because of scripture and forget about how Jesus lived his life and all the other great masters that walked this earth.

I know that when we come from the heart, united in these situations we would find solutions that are for the highest good of all concerned. Instead, we become rigid in our beliefs and positions, which will not allow the right solutions to come. It reminds me when we struggle to remember something and cannot, when we let go the answer comes. As long as we fight to hold our position the answer will not come, however if we are willing to drop down into the heart know that there is nothing more important than are relationships with our fellow human beings then things will change. Material things have to less important than the person who is walking by you on the street, the drunk in the alley or the child crossing the border. Know that everyone on this planet has the same basic human needs, to be safe, happy, have food, water and shelter. No matter where someone lives in this world, every parent wants their children to have a better life than they had. Everyone wants his or her family to be safe and not worry that another bomb is coming. The only way this can happen is for all of us to remember one thing. The next time a choice or decision comes that makes us feel fear or uncomfortable go to the heart instead of the mind for the answer. It will always come if you let go of the fear.


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