That’s All There Is

Is anyone really living to his or her fullest potential on the planet? I believe we have unlimited potential and as long as we are on this planet we have a sacred responsibility to shine our light on the world. There is not a single person reading this right now that does not feel a pull to something greater. That is because you are greater than you can possibly imagine and that greatness, our true nature, what we call the soul, the light I am talking about, is always drawing you nearer to the source of all creation. Nearer to itself and that which we all belong; I am that, you are that, all this is that, and that is all there is.

This means that you do not live in the universe you are the universe. You are an intrinsic part of it. You are not the person you think you are, but you are a focal point where the universe becomes conscious of itself. It wants to break down the walls of separation and maybe even isolation that you feel and it wants to feel itself as its true nature, as one. Oneness is its true state. How do we do this? How do we let this light shine to its fullest? For many, like myself it is not one moment but a series of ah-ha’s or awakenings and experiences that allow us to let go. To let go of those things that no longer support our highest good. Those things that have separated us from our true nature and that have gotten in the way of our connecting to that part of ourselves that is the very core of creation. That part of god that resides in all of us from the beggar to the billionaire. What we THINK we see is the illusion. We cannot be that different if we are all part of the same stuff.