Our Self Imposed Limitations

Begin to recognize today that your life is bound by limitation. It is always easier to look at someone else’s life and see how they are bound by limitation especially when there life seems smaller than yours does. It is much more difficult to look at our own and even more difficult when we think we have everything or we are so low that we cannot see a way out. Both of these are traps and we can be stuck anywhere in between. Knowing that even in a space of abundant living there walls of limitation, from the lowest of lows, to the highest of highs; this is part of the human condition.

So today I challenge you to take an honest look at your life and be open to the possibility that something different is available no matter what space you live from or in and that something wondrous is in store for you.

Honest self-reflection and inquiry awakens your awareness over time and will allow you to see the walls of limitation. It is only from this space that you can open the doors to manifest something different. Is 2013 the year for you to start or will you continue to labor in your current state of thinking that this is all there is to your life? Will your questioning of how to do it keep you frozen from taking action? On the other hand, will you begin to take action knowing that it will happen without question? Knowing that it is your destiny!