Short and Sweet #43 – The Energetic Field

I have talked a lot about energy and oneness in earlier posts however let’s go deeper. Now we all know and can agree that the human body has many functions that occur in the background, like the heart beating. These functions occur without our conscious involvement, we do not have to think about it to make it happen, it just happens. The bigger picture here is that there is one energetic field that we are walking through and living in, this energetic matrix makes up all things seen and unseen. As I mentioned before there are functions in the body happening in the background without our conscious awareness, this is also true in the energetic field. Everything that happens is happening for a reason as part of the creative expression of this energy. We can and do interact with this field sometimes from a conscious place and other times without any knowledge at all. Our thoughts are energy and have the ability to create because everything is energy; in addition, everything we do or say has an impact on the field. It is like throwing a rock in a pond, we see the biggest splash where the rock hits the water but the ripples move through the water and touch all areas of the pond. This is how we can affect the world by going within, be silent, present and let go. The process of letting go will send ripples through the entire energetic field.