Short and Sweet #53 – Space and Matter

In the dualistic mind, we are focused on matter, the material things of life. When we shift into the non-dualistic mind, matter becomes less important as our attention focuses on the space that is all around us and in us. The universe is more than 99.999% empty space, including our own bodies. Why then do we spend so much time only focused on matter? Once we remove the density of the material world, we can experience God in a deeper and more meaningful way. Let me share a simple exercise that might help you have this experience. Do this in a quiet place with your eyes closed and preferably sitting up. This may be helpful for anyone that has difficulty quieting the mind during meditation. Begin noticing your thoughts, and then shift your attention to the space between the words or thoughts. As you do, you may notice that the words or thoughts begin to slow down and the space between them gets larger. Bring your attention back to the space anytime you wonder off. If you do this long enough, at first the words may seem to disappear for a second or two, however with practice you may be able to be in this space for longer periods. Try it and let me know what you experienced. Remember that even when you are in this space your thinking never stops. We only see what we have our attention on and just because you no longer see your thoughts this does not mean that they have stopped. However, they do not have to stop for you to fall into the space, just putting your attention on it will do that and it is here that you can experience a deeper connection to the Divine. A balance between space and matter is ideal allowing us to experience life in the fullest. If we are too much into matter, we live only out of the dualistic mind and we become ego driven. If we are too much into the space then we may become isolated and withdrawn from the world. We were created so that Divine could experience itself. Remember everything was created for a reason and that balance is the key to a fulfilling life.