Short and Sweet #113 – Bet on Goodness

Many terrible things happen in this world every day. We cannot turn on the TV or radio without hearing about a shooting or some atrocity. When we put too much attention on these events, we can lose hope, feel depressed and think that we are on a course for disaster. It makes it hard for us to connect with happiness; instead, we fall into worry and anxiety.

24-hour newscasts have to fill up their airtime, so they speculate and criticize without facts for days, weeks and months on an event, person or subject. This type of faux news does not enlighten the viewer with truth but draws you into a perception about things that is not necessarily even true or real. Sometimes the story just dies out or the truth finally does come out and all the speculation was just that speculation.

We live in a world where everything is energy. Our thoughts, perceptions and beliefs are also energy and they interact with the creative force of the universe. When we focus too much on the negative then this is how our energy interacts with creation and we aid in the manifestation of what we do not want. We do this all the time unconsciously and this is why it is so important to bring the unconscious to light. Once we do, we can let go of those thoughts, perceptions and beliefs that no longer support our highest good. This usually does not happen overnight and requires commitment and practice. In the interim to support this process take your attention away from the negative and focus on the good. Acknowledge the good that you see and hear about. Then look for it, it is everywhere all around you.

When we bet on goodness, we are telling the creative energy of the universe that we want more goodness. We are participating with the creative energy of the universe by shifting our own energy to manifest goodness. This can be applied to anything that you want more of in your life, like beauty, kindness and love. Think of the positive impact you can have on the entire world just by shifting your energy towards what you want and away from what you do not want. This is not about ignoring what is happening in the world but it is about creating the world you want.

The next time your attention is on the negative, bring your attention back to what you want and be the positive and powerful creator that you are.

Abide in peace, banish cares, take no account of all that happens, and you will serve God according to His good pleasure, and rest in Him. – Saint John of the Cross


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Change Your Perception From Problem to Opportunity

As long as you see the challenges of your life–even the smallest difficulty–as a problem you will suffer. The only thing that makes you suffer is your perception about the event, not the event itself. Nothing on the outside can make you suffer; suffering begins from within. All challenges can bring you closer to God or take you further away. The choice is yours based on your perception. Change your perception from problem to opportunity and this will change your experience.

Even if another person says something hurtful to you, you do not have to get upset; recognize these hurtful words come from someone who is focusing on their problems and is suffering. Their intention is not to hurt you, but to relieve their own suffering. Their unconscious act is the best that they can do in their present state.

If the suffering comes from an outside event, you must recognize that the point of this event is not to cause you pain or problems, but it has arrived to teach you something about yourself. This includes all events in our lives, from physical injury to emotional hurt and even the death of a loved one. Let me say this another way, there is and always will be opportunity in all of life’s experiences including the most tragic. In fact, our most tragic events present our greatest opportunity for change.

We still will experience sadness, grief, loss or other emotions, but in that moment when we have the clarity to look for opportunity, our life begins to flow again. We can lose ourselves in our problems or we can find ourselves through our problems by looking for the doorway called opportunity. With this change from problem to opportunity, we once again become congruent with the creative energy of the universe.


Change Your Perspective Change Your Life

Your problems are not your life.

Your pain is not your life.

Your suffering arises when you see these things as your life, and not as the gifted teachers they are. You end up living in your suffering instead of living in your life.

Change your perspective and change your life.

See your problems as opportunities.

See your pain as an opportunity.

What we first see as a problem is actually an opportunity to grow and change for the better. We have been ignoring our internal guidance and the problem has surfaced to help guide us to something greater. Trust God and the Universe to lead the way and provide all you need. Listen to this guidance and your suffering will begin to shift.

When we have pain in our body, it is an opportunity to heal something we have been ignoring in our life or our body. Once again, we have failed to listen to our intuition and the pain has surfaced to guide us to healing.

The solutions and healings do not always materialize in the way our minds think they should but in a way that is for our ultimate highest good and this is true for everyone around us as well when we follow this godly guidance. Even if the problem or pain is still around, because our perspective has changed our experience has changed and our suffering has changed.