Lasting Peace

We all face difficulties in life, and no one on this planet avoids them. Whether they are emotional or physical, our environment or circumstances, at some point, we will be faced with challenges. This is not something that we should need convincing of because we have already had trouble in our lives, no matter our age.

Yet somehow, we imagine life should not have obstacles or pain. Therefore, we become upset, embittered or frustrated when something happens that we perceive not to be perfect (the way we wanted). Can you see how this reaction is insane?

So why do we go on believing it is possible and not face the truth, be present with what is, and live in the moment? This is because we think that life should not have any difficulties and that is because of societies idea (conditioning) of perfection, not our own. However, this is not reality, is it?

If you can see this in your own life, then over time you can begin to see the other ways that you are conditioned, and yes, you are conditioned in many ways. Unfortunately, we become lost in our own thoughts created by this conditioning, and this makes it impossible to see without bringing awareness into our life.

To begin the journey of self-discovery and bringing awareness into your life is the way to finding and experiencing lasting peace. One that is perfect, not because difficulties never occur in your life, but one where whatever arises never takes your peace away. You finally understand that you are peaceful in your purest form and no person, experience or event can take it away.

Maintaining Peace in Difficult times

Eventually, on the path of awakening, you will recognize that obstacles are part of the journey. Living a peaceful or even perfect life is not about avoiding or never experiencing them.

The perfect life you seek, the one without problems and challenges does not exist. Your thoughts of perfection have misled you. Your social conditioning taught you to believe that a perfect life should not include issues or difficulties. This unattainable thought will only lead you to experience discomfort in your life each time something shows up that you perceive is not perfect.

The obstacles you encounter should not rob you of your peace, but offer you the opportunity to become grounded in your oneness with the Divine. If they rob you of your contentment, then you are not experiencing them with awareness. Because the moment you bring the light of awareness and acceptance to any obstacle, the darkness can no longer hurt you and the peace that is always available to you will once again be felt.

Therefore, the next time you experience a problem, pay attention to your thoughts and you will see that they fill you with resistance and bring suffering. You can now use this newfound recognition to choose not to follow their direction. Let these misguided and unhelpful thoughts go and know that whatever you are facing you will be okay. Trust in your Divine nature, ask for the help if you need it and continue to pay attention to your thoughts, especially when you feel discomfort.

The Perfect Life

Does the perfect life exist? Are you still searching for it? Can it be found? If we change our perception of what we are looking for we might just find it.

We find it when we stop looking for it and change our perception of what it really is. Each one of us has the potential to live our own perfect life. I am not talking about the one you think you can find without pain, without feelings that make you uncomfortable; the one that you think will be free from all suffering. Life is not meant to be lived without feeling and some of them will be uncomfortable.

We find our way when we let go of searching for this illusionary perfect life and we stop living in the future, thinking I will be happy when… In addition, we must stop living in the past and be holding onto emotions that are ready to be released. We must stop reliving the stories that do not allow us to move forward in life.

We begin to find our way when we learn to navigate uncomfortable times because we all experience them. We begin to find our way when we learn to be with our uncomfortable feelings and release them without being stuck carrying them around for years. We begin to find our way when we stop beating ourselves up for not achieving this imaginary perfect life. We begin to find our way by bringing our attention back to the present moment and loving ourselves just as we are; the imperfect, perfect human being that we have become. Wake up to who you have become. Now begin to uncover the perfect life you have hidden underneath that persona.


Obstacles (Part 2)

I wrote in part 1 yesterday how searching for an obstacle-free life will cause you to suffer more. Social conditioning can cause many us to look for perfection in our life. What does that mean anyway, a life without pain or obstacles? As I said in part 1, this is not possible; furthermore, even a blessing can turn into an obstacle.

The following line is from Richard Bach’s book “ONE” which says, “There is no disaster that can’t become a blessing, and no blessing that can’t become a disaster.”

This is very profound and when we recognize that all things have the potential to be good and bad, right and wrong, we begin to see life from a different perspective.

Obstacles are not something that you can avoid, resist or ignore, but something that must be acknowledged and seen. When we bring obstacles out of the darkness and into the light, they can no longer hide in the shadows and cause suffering. Therefore, the next time you are faced with an obstacle, remember you have a choice in how to be with it. Try something different, look for the possibilities hidden inside, and see what happens.

You Already Have It

Do you find yourself in a constant push to have some magical spiritual experience or perfect spiritual connection? If you are, then you are impeding your ability to experience the very thing that you seek. What you are looking for you already have, it is your birthright; it is who you really are. Remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience, not the other way around. We were born to experience and enjoy this life here and now. If you allow joy in and let the hardness of your search go, perhaps you will find what you are looking for and realize that you had it all along.

Resting in the Arms of the Divine

“Beneficial change cannot occur through intellectual reasoning or analysis. It cannot happen, because all thought is conditioned. It can only repeat what it has been taught to repeat, based on distorted self-interest.” –Vernon Howard

Lasting peace and living life fully does not lie in finding the answer to our questions. It resides in the space between the question and the answer. This is where we connect with the True-Self and rest in the arms of the Divine. You have felt this ease in your life at one time or another when you were able to let go of the questions, stop looking for answers, and just be with life. You noticed it when you were present with the person you were with or your surroundings, not thinking but just being and time disappeared. Therefore today just for a moment or maybe longer stop what you are doing and step into the space between the questions and the answers and be present with where you are and the mystery, magic and miracles that are all around you.

Short and Sweet #168 – To BE or Not to BE

Life is not about getting, giving or receiving. I know, what else is there? Life is not about doing, although this is what you think most of the time. To BE is our natural state and where those things flow without effort or judgment, where they happen without doing in the classical sense of the word. To BE is the only state where LOVE resides unconditionally Continue reading

Short and Sweet #114 – Striving for Perfection

Much of our suffering comes from the pursuit of perfection. From a human perspective, if we cannot be satisfied with giving our best, then we will never be happy. The goal of life is not to be perfect. If it were then the lead story on the news would be Mary, and John Smith just reached perfection today, we knew it was just a matter of time. Unfortunately, the ego is never satisfied and will quickly move on to something else which says, see this is not perfect. When we can let go of this striving and use our energy for more useful pursuits, then life becomes more enjoyable.

From a spiritual perspective, everything is perfect just the way it is. Many people have a problem with this because they only look at one part and not the whole. How can things be perfect when they are not going the way I want them to go? When we can be OK with whatever is happening instead of resisting we start living in the moment. The difficulties of life no longer feel so drastic, and things become more peaceful. We realize that no matter what is happening now there is always a higher purpose. We know that there is an opportunity in every challenge we face in life. Seeing this truth during difficult times allows grace to enter our lives.

If you are one of those people who is always chasing perfection, just begin to notice your behavior. If you are ready to let the striving go then bringing your behavior into your awareness will start the process. With continued awareness and a clear intention to stop this behavior, you will gain spiritual intelligence to do just that. With vigilance to the call of the Divine, we cannot be prevented by the False-Self on our journey to connect with who we truly are. Remember you cannot be yourself unless you give up the idea to be perfect.

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