Short and Sweet #122 – Intelligence

The first choice for many people when navigating this world is their intelligence. From this linear perspective, we see and live a limited life. Limited by our intelligence and by what we believe is possible. When our life feels limited, it is often because we are confined by our intelligence to the physical world.

However, there is a state higher than the intelligence can comprehend, higher than the physical plane. Once we glimpse this state, we can see that life is not limited at all. The challenge is letting go of what we think we know to be true and to understand that we do not understand. Once we believe that the only way to experience life is through our intelligence our view of creation becomes smaller. We have a need to understand before we can accept something new as true and then we grow rigid in what we know to be true and seeing anything else is often impossible.

All things in life have value including intelligence, however when we ignore higher states of awareness fear steps in and begins to control our life. Once fear enters in we will do anything to protect what we believe is true. This only creates verbal, emotional and physical abuse to anyone who believes differently than we do. We see this played out constantly in our everyday lives and around the world.

The truth is there is nothing to fear, however our intelligence tells us otherwise. Then we become trapped just like a dog chasing its tail. We can only see what is right in front of us and that is only part of a greater field of possibility.

Too much time is spent in developing the mind and not the heart. How can we be compassionate when we only believe in the power of our intelligence and not the power of the heart. Peace will come into your life and the world when we give the power of the mind back to the heart and let the True-Self guide us once again.


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Short and Sweet #115 – Feeling Whole

Too many of us feel like something is missing in our lives. We think that if we can just get what they have, we will feel whole. However, many of the people who have all the things we want also feel the way we do. What does this tell you? No matter how much stuff or money you have it will not make you happy or make you feel whole. We know even when we ask how someone is doing and they say great that many times this is not true. How do we know this, because we have said it ourselves when things were not good.

Moving toward feeling whole requires releasing the idea that we need to get something to feel that way. In reality, it is not about getting something at all because you already have it. You have forgotten what feeling whole feels like and continue to look for that next thing that will make you feel that way. Regardless of what you get, like a new relationship, house, job or more money, it will not make you feel whole. Therefore, the first thing to do is let go of the belief that you are not whole.

Doing this is the same for everyone and requires that you to develop your awareness to what you are thinking and doing. Being more conscious in your choices when you go to buy something is an easy way to start. The next time you go shopping for anything; do not make an emotional or unconscious purchase. Do you really need what you are buying? How does this purchase make you feel? Do you get an emotional upswing only to be let down a few hours later? Buying anything should be done consciously. If you are trying to make yourself feel better or buying unconsciously then the False-Self is in control. You will never find your wholeness by looking through the eyes of the False-Self. Nothing you do outside yourself will make you feel whole and is only temporary.

True wholeness is not a feeling; it is a state of being and your birthright. Everyone on this planet no matter their circumstance can feel whole because this is our natural state. Do not let the False-Self, your programming talk you out of this truth. Prove it to yourself by being aware and conscious in your choices over the next few days and uncover the wholeness that resides in all of us.

Once last note for those who believe in oneness, if we are all one and part of God, the creative energy of the universe then how can we not be whole.


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Short and Sweet #35 – Changing the World

Yesterday we talked about trust and how it is different from faith. Yet during difficult times, we need both, the noun and the verb. When we live in faith and trust, we know that the Universe has more in store for us than we can imagine. We must remember to not get in our own way and recognize that we cannot change the world, but we can change ourselves. Wanting the world to change without changing our view will only lead to disappointment and suffering. We must find satisfaction in doing our best and not waiting for the other person to change. Ask yourself this question, if I do not change then how will the world change?

Short and Sweet #32 – Innocence

When we are born we were innocent, the proof is there every time we see a baby or a small child. We see the innocence but the memory of our own innocence is faint or gone. We often we wonder where did it go and how can we get it back. The world has a way of changing us at a certain age usually around seven. Life then begins a different phase as we traverse the days of our life. We forget about our innocence for a few years because we are too busy exploring the world, feeling our power and often abusing others or ourselves. Then we think that we have matured and things seem to have changed again. We are busy with life and things seem good at least most of the time. Many become stuck here, for many something happens, something that is remarkable often difficult but nonetheless powerful, a dark night of the soul. We awaken to a new space, it is not that we see our innocence again but we feel a deeper connection to spirit. A few will awaken to a new innocence but for most of us it is a process an ebb and flow between the false self and the unfoldment of the true self (see #29). It seems as though the loss of innocence is part of our journey. The question is does it return and the only answer is yes. The eternal life does not die but is reborn and as with all new birth and with birth innocence returns. So do not chase the past but fully embrace this moment and be open to being your true self.

Short and Sweet #11 – Begin NOW

We are all hiding who we are from one another and ourselves. How do we expect to share our true self with everyone else if we cannot even do it with ourselves? This is not an easy task but be sure that it is required for our survival on this planet. I mean literally! What do I need to let go of to live my personal best. How does that look, and more importantly what does it feel like. Your soul is calling out to you to start now, not when things are somehow different. The shifts may be subtle but the soul will guide from the heart. Listen quietly for this divine guidance.

Short and Sweet #10 – A Clear Mind

Keeping our minds clear is an important part of maintaining our attention in the moment. Over time and with practice we can bring this non-judgmental attention into each moment of the day. For most of us, this is not something that happens quickly but manifest with practice. You only have to do the best you can moment by moment and with this unbending intention, one day it will happen all on its own. When we live from this state of awareness, life becomes more balanced and less confusing.

Short and Sweet #9 – Starting the Journey

Are you aware that you are already on your spiritual path? You do not need to wait for the perfect conditions or something to change in your life to start. You do not have to live in an ashram, become a monk or priest, read spiritual books or even understand more before you start. You just need to start wherever you are and the right conditions will come to you. Listen to your inner guidance and realize that you do not have to be certain every step of the way. Do you trust the Divine; have you lost your faith? If you cannot walk in some darkness now and then, you have stepped off the path. So let go of your fear and continue for once you are on the path there is no getting off without great suffering.

Short and Sweet #8 – Change

We all know that change is not always easy. In fact, once you commit to it or raising your vibration life is often turned upside down. Here’s the thing, if you are not consciously involved in how your life is changing then be ready to wake up one day and wonder how you got where you are, oh and yes there will be suffering. However if you embrace change, seek it out, watch it happening then you will see the miracles happening all around you. Trust that what is happening is for you highest good. I assure that it is otherwise life will seem like it is just beating you up with one hard thing after another. Take it from me, that is no fun at all.

Short and Sweet #6 – Real Faith

“We are usually satisfied when we get what we want in life, at least for a while. Then of course, there are those times when things do not go our way, which makes us feel sad, angry, frustrated or even lost. We look around at others and wonder why we cannot have the life they have. We pray for things to change and if they don’t we become angry; angry with God, we feel forsaken. Where did our faith go? In truth, life gives us exactly what we need in every moment and real faith is unconditional acceptance. Once unconditional acceptance fills your life you have finally opened the doors to unconditional love. What could be more powerful? The next time life throws you a curve ball, try some unconditional acceptance on for size and really show the Divine just how much trust and faith you have.”

Short and Sweet #5 – No More Suffering

“Pain is part of our journey and something we will all experience. Suffering on the other hand is optional and not a requirement. Jesus did not suffer on the cross. He experienced pain but he knew how to forgive and love unconditionally. The ones who suffered were his accusers and attackers because they lived in fear and hate. Every experience of pain brings opportunity with it; you only have to look. Pain teaches us all how to live a better life when we are willing to listen. Once you do, your suffering will melt away and leave you with a stronger connection to the Divine.”