Becoming A Positive Person

I received this question in an email. I have edited my response to make it universal and I hope you find it helpful.

Unwittingly, it seems I have become a very negative person, full of fear. Will God help me?

You help yourself by taking right action. If you have BECOME a negative person then you can BECOME a positive person. It is your choice! Is every thought you have positive? If not, then re-frame it. This requires you to pay attention to your thoughts and actions and when they are not positive, change them. You do this enough and one day you will have more positive thoughts than negative. Pay attention!

Do not make excuses that it is because of this or that. You are making your choices today in each moment. Yes, you may have been treated wrongly in the past, but you are an adult and you know when you have a wrong thought or take a wrong action and your past is no excuse for your choices in this moment. So stop blaming your past for your choices now, take responsibility for your choices.

Do not wait for God to heal you, heal yourself by doing these things. What you fear is fear itself and not the truth. When you face your fear you will find that these thoughts were all for nothing and just an illusion. It is through facing your fear that you will become empowered, otherwise you will allow your fear to hold you back, hold you down and your life will be small. If you desire more then do more. God helps those who help themselves.