Short and Sweet #156 – Your Pain And Suffering Has Purpose

Life changes for you when you realize that everything has purpose. I am not sure when I realized this, but I now know that everything that has happened to me had a purpose, even when I did not like it, even when it hurt. It is such a blessing when you can let go of the need to always know why or to feel sorry for yourself and your troubles. Ask yourself, what does this moment offer me, which helps me grow closer to my True-Self (God). I realize that we may not always be aware enough in the moment of pain or suffering to ask this question. However, there is always a moment of clarity that comes during these times and it is up to each one of us to notice this moment and then look for the opportunity.

If we do continue to ask why when no answer comes or are not willing to let go of our suffering then we are attached to it and it cannot leave; we cannot heal. In addition, the energy that is associated with this event will become stuck within the body. This sets up a repetitious program that runs in the background and affects how we interact with the world going forward. We are not conscious of these programs until a healing event occurs that makes us aware of them. Unfortunately, this does not always happen unless we are on the path of self-discovery.

Everything has its challenges including self-discovery. Sometimes this path seems hard because we are more awake to what we are feeling and doing. However, the blessings that come from this path far outweigh the challenges. Are you ready to begin letting go of who you have become? Are you willing to feel all those things that you have stuffed inside your body over the years? Are you willing to uncover your True-Self and expose your full potential?

If you are, then you only need to pay attention to your thoughts, be aware of your actions and watch what you say. Bringing awareness to these three things will set you on the path. Then all you need to do is your best while paying attention. Remember that we learn from our mistakes, so celebrate them and know that you will make more. Reset your intention and one day you will wake up with fewer thoughts, healthier actions and kinder words.


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Short and Sweet #154 – The Body’s Rings of History

I woke up very early Saturday morning contemplating the healing journey I have been on for over 27 years with my back. For some reason the growth rings in a tree popped into my mind. All of a sudden, it hit me how the study of tree rings compared to what I have learned on my healing journey. The big difference is that with the body you can unwind and release your history. It is not stored in your mind as you might think but in the matrix of connective tissue that makes up what we call the body. When you let go at this level, not only does the physical structure change but also we can transform on every level. Changes in our behavior, emotional state and how we experience the world can all be affected.

When you have personal experience as I have over my career working with so many clients you begin to see patterns in the physical form. The body’s structure begins to show you clues to how someone interacts with the world. Many other markers in the body show how a person experiences life.

Even more powerful than the release of the physical form is its truer nature of pure energy that exist in all of creation. We know that energy does not die, it is transformed and so too is your life when you release the history of your physical form. As we release the energy of the pattern it reshapes the physical form, which we would expect, however this is only the gross aspect of the transformation that takes place. Like the rings of the tree, our history is woven into the fabric of our body and it has contributed to who we have become. We think that who we have become is who we really are. However, that is as far from the truth as thinking that sun is not burning bright on a cloudy day. The release of these patterns allows the clouds to clear away and show the ever-burning sun behind them. This means that we have a way to release who we have become and reconnect with who we really are, which allows us to live more fully from the True-Self as we release the False-Self or who we have become.


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Short and Sweet #103 – Down the Rabbit Hole

Does your life feel like you have fallen down the rabbit hole like Alice? Well you have, but do not worry this is not a problem if you know that you have fallen down the rabbit hole. The real problem is not knowing it and thinking that who you have become is who you really are. By this I mean, we can allow the events of life and social conditioning to dictate who we become or we can uncover who we really are underneath this conditioning. Some call this shadow work; I often speak about it as energetic patterns or programs. These are developed over time by the events that happen in our lives, social conditioning, genes and other factors. This can all be changed through awareness, self-inquiry and using other modalities made available to us for this purpose.

Our lives are not what we think they are and when we awaken to this, a natural byproduct becomes the need to let go to further our desire to connect with the Divine. I believe that we all fall down the rabbit hole to varying degrees, which means that we live our lives from beliefs and perceptions that we do not question and do not know how or why they were formed. In addition, we have subconscious programs that play out like a recorded message on your voicemail. Something triggers the playback and we act it out from an unconscious state. This lack of awareness does not allow us to let go of the recorded message so it keeps playing repeatedly over the years unbeknownst to us. Once we accept that this is just who we are and we cannot change it, we are stuck. This becomes our fate!

“The psychological rule says that when an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate.  That is to say, when the individual remains undivided and does not become conscious of his inner opposite, the world must perforce act out the conflict and be torn into opposing halves.” C, G. Jung, in Aion, CW 9ii

With awareness, we can release whatever we want and follow our internal desire for something deeper, more meaningful in life. Do not mistake seeking something outside yourself for this fulfillment because it will not last. The only true way is through our internal investigation and inquiry to uncover our True-Self and ultimately letting go of that part that put us in the rabbit hole, the False-Self.


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Short and Sweet #20 – Association

In the midst of my alcoholism, I thought everyone drank as I did. Since I spent most of my time with other people who drank too much this became my normal. When we associate ourselves with certain people or activities and then embody this energy, it can begin to consume us. We see our behavior as normal and cannot recognize the dysfunction in our words, deeds and actions. The value of association comes when we expand our awareness enough to recognize what qualities we want to develop in our life. For instance, if you want to be a calmer person then you need to associate with calm people or activities the instill calmness. You cannot continue to hang out with people who are agitated or make you feel agitated. We often think that we are who we are and we cannot change. That change is not possible because it is part of our personality or genes. This is a false assumption and keeps us stuck in delusion. You can create and change whatever you want in life. Begin to believe this and the Divine will help you release whatever is in the way of revealing your full potential.

Surrender vs. Giving Up

Many people do not see a difference between surrender and giving up. Do you see a difference between these two concepts? Please think about it before continuing. What is your honest answer?

For me there is a huge difference.  I always choose surrender first when I have the strength. The difference between surrender and giving up is the difference between suffering (giving up) and being at peace (surrender). It is the difference between being lost and finding your way.

Let’s look at a few of those differences. First, remove your mental glasses. This means we are not using a dictionary to define these words but taking a deeper look through our spiritual glasses.

If you have difficulty liking or accepting change, then removing your mental glasses may not be easy at first. I guarantee the more you do it the easier it will get. If you are serious about your spiritual development (and I know you are or you would not be reading this), then adopting a positive attitude toward change is a requirement because without it you will struggle. All life is in a constant state of change so adopting a positive attitude toward change goes a long way towards alleviating suffering.

Giving Up

Implies a lack of action

Is resistance to what is

Says no to life (you curl up into a ball on the bed)

Fuels your suffering

Moves you away from God


Requires action

Is acceptance of what is

Says yes to life (you hold your arms wide open ready to receive)

Fuels your happiness

Move you closer to God

See if you can come up with some of your own ideas of how surrender is different from giving up. Moreover, the next time you feel stuck and feel like giving up try surrendering to what is and allow the grace of God to fill your life with the blessings of your birthright. Would you be there for your son or daughter no matter what? Then why would God not show up for you?


That’s All There Is

Is anyone really living to his or her fullest potential on the planet? I believe we have unlimited potential and as long as we are on this planet we have a sacred responsibility to shine our light on the world. There is not a single person reading this right now that does not feel a pull to something greater. That is because you are greater than you can possibly imagine and that greatness, our true nature, what we call the soul, the light I am talking about, is always drawing you nearer to the source of all creation. Nearer to itself and that which we all belong; I am that, you are that, all this is that, and that is all there is.

This means that you do not live in the universe you are the universe. You are an intrinsic part of it. You are not the person you think you are, but you are a focal point where the universe becomes conscious of itself. It wants to break down the walls of separation and maybe even isolation that you feel and it wants to feel itself as its true nature, as one. Oneness is its true state. How do we do this? How do we let this light shine to its fullest? For many, like myself it is not one moment but a series of ah-ha’s or awakenings and experiences that allow us to let go. To let go of those things that no longer support our highest good. Those things that have separated us from our true nature and that have gotten in the way of our connecting to that part of ourselves that is the very core of creation. That part of god that resides in all of us from the beggar to the billionaire. What we THINK we see is the illusion. We cannot be that different if we are all part of the same stuff.