Finding Purpose

If you regularly read my blog, you will notice this post is slightly different from how I usually write. However, I hope you will find it enlightening. As with all my posts in recent times, they point you toward your true nature and awaken you to the conditioned-self, if you only begin to do a little self-inquiry.

Over the years, I have heard many clients say they need to find their purpose or wonder what their purpose is in life. Many of us will ask this question eventually during our lifetime. Most of us have had a clear purpose at some point, maybe even experiencing more than one as life progressed for us. In other words, our sense of purpose may have changed from time to time. Some people feel they cannot find their purpose. And others who never thought about it much or felt they needed one.

I could say a lot about purpose, as you can probably tell from the paragraph above. Or I could say our purpose is about survival and leave it at that. For this post, I will not expand on all that could be said, but ask that you contemplate the following questions.

  • Does the idea that you must have a purpose feel like an instinct, intuition, or does society condition us to believe that we must have a purpose?
  • Could the desire for a purpose or the search for one hinder your enjoyment of life?
  • Could the idea that you should have a purpose cause problems with your state of being?
  • Do you need a purpose to live life fully?

I hope that you took some time to ponder these questions rather than skimming them. Because if we do not delve deeper into who we are and what we believe, we will remain trapped by our thoughts and conditioning. Notice that our intellect and knowledge can become a problem because we can think we already have all the answers.

Here are a few thoughts and observations on the questions. Again, take your time and contemplate what I put forth here. Do not just identify with it or throw it away without spending some time questioning it. Do not let your mind and conditioning give you the answer. Experience it for yourself from a new place; verify it for yourself, do not just agree with your first thoughts.

  1. When our purpose comes from intuition, it is heartfelt, and passion arises; it comes from deep within our soul, we have a sense of knowing that we must follow through even though there may be some resistance or obstacles in the way. There is no question. We must move forward.
  • When we feel a need to find purpose, it is often coming from the conditioned-self. We will face struggle, experience worry and anxiety because we think that if we do not have a purpose, our lives will have no meaning, that we are not contributing. These thoughts are not based in fact, and this kind of thinking causes problems for us. Not having a purpose will never cause you to suffer; only your thinking about not having one will.
  • An intense desire to have or find a purpose can be very distracting from living life fully. Purpose can show up at any moment once we are free to receive what life is offering. Living life freely and with joy can be our purpose. It can be a positive force and potent energy for everyone you encounter, do not overlook this fact. Do not think that just because your mind tells you that you do not have a purpose that you are already not living it. So, live your life as if you already had a purpose.

Let me clearly say that if you are struggling with finding your purpose in life, I encourage you to let that struggle go. Your struggle could be keeping you from seeing your purpose. How would you feel if you never found a purpose? Would you go through life sulking every day, or would you step up and live life to the fullest? If you feel that you would be depressed, disappointed, or some other unfulfilling feeling, then is this desire for purpose in your highest good? Is this how you want to live your life? The choice is yours, so I leave it for you. Just remember, if you are alone and miserable, you are in bad company, and it is now time to look for better companionship. And the only way to that is to change the thoughts that led you to be in this lousy company in the first place.

The Miracle of Life

When we live in the moment, the joy of life shows up in full bloom and we can see what a miracle the creation of life is. This is forgotten in those moments of frustration, anger, and anxiousness or when we feel bored with life. In these moments, the miracle of life seems like an ordinary mundane minute of passing time and we think, so what’s the point!

It is always important to remember that even the mundane things in life are a miracle of creation. Without them, we would not see the magic in life. Why, because the magical would seem ordinary to us; and the truth is from an awakened vantage point there is nothing ordinary in this life, it is all a miracle. You are a miracle, think about it. However, when we are so focused on our needless thoughts this never crosses our mind.

Therefore, the next time you become bored with life, remember that it means you are out of the moment and focused entirely on your incessant thoughts about something or someone. This incessant thinking has distracted you from the beauty and miracles that are all around you. As soon as you remember this, take your attention away from your needless thoughts and point it toward something that allows you to see the beauty and miracle of life again. There is always something to be grateful for and seeing this can help bring you back into the moment.

You are not meant to spend your days suffering from your own thoughts; you can be filled with joy and living life feeling the embrace of the Divine. It will not matter what is happening around you because you will be fully living in the moment experiencing the miracle of life and all it has to offer.




As an individual, a country and a planet that is becoming more connected than separated we must learn from our deepest fears. Otherwise, we will continue to inflict suffering, pain and even death to others, and ourselves instead of compassion, kindness, forgiveness, and love. When will we learn? When will we face our fears instead of acting out from them? When will we have the courage to do the right thing?

“What is needed, rather than running away or controlling or suppressing or any other resistance, is understanding fear; that means, watch it, learn about it, come directly into contact with it. We are to learn about fear, not how to escape from it.”

– Jiddu Krishnamurti


External Pursuits

When our external pursuits become more important than our internal exploration, we will eventually feel lost in life. Even when we follow the path of external pursuits and our life seems good, we will wake up one day and feel that something is missing in our life. If we continue to pursue this missing thing “out there”, then we will begin to feel stress, melancholy, worry and other uncomfortable feelings.

Our sole purpose is to reconnect with our God energy, the True-Self. Without this awareness, there will always be internal disturbances that create external upset in our lives. It is important to know that religion alone will not offer you the answers you seek, unless it teaches you this truth. Otherwise, it too is just another external pursuit.

Therefore, whether you are religious or not, believe in God or not, LIFE requires that you let go. It is only through the process of internal exploration and letting go that we can ever finally find what we are looking for and in the end, you will realize that what you were looking for was never lost, just covered up by the thoughts that you believed to be true, that said otherwise.

Are You Living a Conditioned Life

Life becomes uncomfortable when we are not living from our True-Self. What does this mean? We all have become conditioned to some degree by past events and people in our lives. When this conditioning becomes our guidance system, then we no longer act from our True-Self. If we are lucky, we wake up one day and realize our suffering and unhappiness is because we did not follow our soulful guidance. Instead, we made choices from our conditioning and the thoughts produced by it. In other words, we unconsciously followed the guidance of the False-Self and we went against our inner guidance and true feelings.

The beauty is the suffering and unhappiness that comes from this false guidance has the capability of waking us up, and then we can begin to live from our True-Self. If we do not begin to wake up, we are destined to live out our lives from this past conditioning and the False-Self.

Living from our True-Self and being in the NOW is not so much about becoming more spiritual. It is about being more human. We are inherently spiritual beings, we do not have to learn this, what we have to learn is how to be a better human being. We must start to pay more attention to why we make the choices we do and bring to light our conditioning. This act of awareness will open the door to letting go.

If we embrace this challenge wholeheartedly, the guidance of the True-Self rises to the top and our lives begin to change for the better. Why, because we are finally living a heartfelt life, making choices in the present moment, no longer guided by the past, our incessant thoughts or responses from outdated conditioning.

Begin to use your struggle, suffering and unhappiness for what it was meant to do, to wake you up. To become more human and thus exposing your spiritual beauty and start doing what you are suppose to be doing in this life. Do not just settle for the life that you have ended up with, instead uncover the one you were destined to live.

We have all had those moments where we look back and say, what if; well I say there is no more time to waste. Leave the “what ifs” in the past and begin to create a future that is not from your past conditioning, but from that place within you that is connected to the source of all creation. Where all things are possible, even the impossible becomes possible from here. You were born from this place and someday you will return to it. So I ask you, why not begin living there now, in your truth, in the present moment and stop resisting what is. This is our hope for the future, this is our birthright and this is what you are meant to do in this life.


Short and Sweet #166 – The Journey Back

From the moment of conception, we are being influenced by our past lives and the present conditioning begins imprinting who we will be in the future. As we grow, this conditioning becomes anchored in while more input is received from the people in our lives and society in general.

Many search for their purpose by looking outside themselves, thinking that their true purpose is to do something special in this world. Although this can be a byproduct of the journey back, our true purpose is to hear the calling of spirit through the soul. This can happen at any point during one’s life. Some of us come in Continue reading

Short and Sweet #101 – Passion and Purpose

Without passion and purpose in life, we often find it unfulfilling. Moreover, too many cannot see their passion and purpose. They believe their mind, which tells them a story about their life and they no longer look for anything different. They are convinced that nothing greater is possible, even though they see it happening to others all around them.

Then there are those who wonder what their purpose is, carrying out their day-to-day lives waiting for something, anything to show up. Many give up and settle with the way things are without seeing that they already have purpose in their lives. Purpose is not always helping thousands of people or changing the world. It does not have to be something huge; in fact, simple things can have great purpose behind them, like making someone smile or being more loving to those closes to you. Raising a family has tremendous purpose and can be very fulfilling for many.

Stop looking all around for your purpose and bring your vision back into your life. Maybe you have overlooked your purpose and it was right in front of you all along. You may have more than one purpose throughout your lifetime. Just stay open and let your struggle go, this will not help you find it. In fact, it will make it more difficult to see it. Sometimes in life, our purpose is self-inquiry and a time to let go of the past before we can move on. When we open up to divine guidance, stay awake and aware we are more likely to see the next step.

Finding passion in what we do opens the door to many gifts in our lives. For instance, more joy, happiness, love and many other uplifting and creative energies. Many feel they have to give up their passion for the responsibilities of life. This is more social conditioning that leads us down a path of unhappiness and we end up feeling that something is missing from our lives. One of the greatest gifts in life is passion. When we find it, time just seems to disappear. We feel joy, peace and so many other feelings we seek in life. When you find it, do not let it go and if you have, please pick it back up, you will not regret it. There is always a way to fulfill life’s responsibilities and our passion.

Passion and purpose are not the same thing but they often fit together nicely to create something remarkable. However, supporting yourself financially or creating something big should not be your reason for doing what you do. Yes, it may be possible and your destiny. However, remarkable does not always pay the bills or create something big, but it can have just as great an impact on the world. Sometimes what we do not see is greater than what we do see. So do not be deceived by your senses or thoughts. Follow your passion and purpose to becoming your greatest expression of who you are and not what you have been conditioned to think greatness is. Because in the end if you are not happy with your choices then does it really matter what anyone else thinks.

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