Short and Sweet #155 – The Unknown Fear Holding You Back

First, you must not try to eliminate fear from your life because it is impossible, besides fear is useful. Your life will be very small if there is no fear in it. Now I am not talking about the fear we have when we are in danger. The fear I am speaking of is about stretching and growing in our lives. Fear is part of the fabric of life and we must learn to use fear to fulfill our destiny and recognize that we need to move through it to create what we want. If you are not experiencing some fear in your life then you are not living fully. If we allow the fear of our fear to hold us back then we are held in a suspended state, not moving forward toward our potential or our purpose.

Many, if not all of us have a fear that resides just under the surface and out of our conscious awareness. We ignore this subtle feeling and it keeps us stuck where we are. Why have you not followed your dreams? Why have you not done what you once said you wanted to? Know that you still can, it is never too late. We will tell ourselves we cannot because of the family or I do not have the money or time, these are all excuses used by this underlying fear to keep us stuck. Yes, fear will give you plenty of reasons why you cannot follow your dreams.

If you want to break free then you must acknowledge the fear and then use its energy to help you create what you want. I am not telling you this will be easy but if you do not do it, one day you will wake up full of regret. You already feel there is something more that you need to do in this life. You know that you have more to give, but you just cannot seem to find a way to begin.

This is because you are allowing the False-Self to keep you stuck. Make up your mind this very moment to take the first step and each time you feel fear or have thoughts that tell you that you cannot do what you want use that and say, oh yes I can fear and you are not going to stop me this time. Do not let any thought or person tell you otherwise. Surround yourself with people who support you and let all the naysayers go. Life is short and you are here for a reason, you have a gift and if you do not use your gift then you will never feel fulfilled.

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