Resistance or Peace You Decide

There is a belief by many that the perfect life is a pain-free life. This is a false assumption brought about by our own conditioning and misguided thinking. With this belief, a perfect life is unattainable. Why, because there will always be pain in this world, it is an unavoidable part of our life because we have physical and emotional feelings as human beings. Without them, we would not be having a human experience; it would be something altogether different.

You cannot resist pain and embody peace at the same time this is not possible. Real peace comes from the understanding that pain is necessary, and it is not a punishment. It is only by changing your perception about pain that you can begin the journey to finding lasting peace.

You must no longer see your pain as a punishment or a problem, but an opportunity to heal. It is an indicator that something in your life is out of balance and once it is put back into balance, the pain will disappear or no longer matter to you. If you continue to resist this guidance, then you will suffer.

To avoid suffering, you must embrace what is happening, move into acceptance when you are faced with the truth and let go of any resistance to that truth. Once you do, you open the door to connecting with your innate nature, which is always in a peaceful state. From this place, you can remain peaceful no matter what is happening outside of you. It allows you to see things more clearly and make better choices in life. This shift does not just affect yourself but also the collective energy that connects us all.

Moving Forward in Life

Many things in life keep us stuck and from moving forward in the way that we want. The unconscious resistance we experience is caused by a very long list of things that partially includes our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and feelings.

It is not a question whether you have resistance in your life or not, but how strongly it affects you. Becoming aware of your resistance is the first step, and that only happens through awareness and paying attention.

Here are four feelings that tell us something important about ourselves and show us that we are resisting life in some way. They are anger, boredom, hate, and frustration.

  • First, they say that we are not taking responsibility for what we are feeling.
  • Second, we are not paying attention to our own inner state.
  • Third, that we are placing blame on something or someone else. Therefore, the problem is out there.
  • Fourth, it shows that we are no longer in the present moment and not paying attention because we are lost in emotion and/or thought.

When we point to anyone or anything outside of ourselves, or when we try to explain something away, we are lost. The thoughts we have tell us that we are not responsible for what we are feeling. In those moments, we are not capable of seeing the truth, and we are no longer in the present moment because we are too busy placing blame elsewhere to try to make ourselves feel justified or better. There is a reason why I am feeling this way, so I do not need to look any further.

There is always a moment of clarity if we are paying attention that will offer us an opportunity.  If we seize the opportunity, we can recognize the problem resides in us and nowhere else. A simple way to know this is true is to see that someone else in the same situation will respond appropriately and without feeling out of balance.

Now, I know it is not an easy task, to pay attention during these situations, but anyone can do it if they want. Know that it may take repeated practice. However, if you have a clear intention to let go of who you have become the Universe will offer plenty of practice time, I promise. Moreover, with practice, one day you will surprise yourself with how far you have come. For most of us waking up is not an event but a journey. You must remain diligent.

A Doorway to Healing

Suffering is born out of resistance. It is a doorway, bringing peace, balance, and happiness into your life again. You must be willing to open this door and step through it to the other side. If you do not, you will continue to suffer until you are ready to let go. Furthermore, your suffering is never caused by external circumstances, but by your perceptions and the inability to internally process your emotions and experiences completely. The recognition of this allows you to release or begin the letting-go process and for healing to happen.

Obstacles (Part 1)

Once you begin awakening, you will realize that obstacles are part of your journey. Living a peaceful life is not about avoiding obstacles, because the perfect life, your life, will not happen without them. This is simply not possible.

Moreover, if you continue searching for an obstacle-free life you will suffer even more. Once you recognize this, the obstacle can become your greatest gift for transformation. When we see our problems become possibilities, the perfection we seek unfolds before our eyes, because we are no longer resisting what is, but embracing the truth of our life. Within this truth is the power to let go, to heal and to be at peace, even in the midst of an obstacle.

Part 2, which will be posted tomorrow, is about seeing blessings and obstacles from a different perspective.

It is OK – Just Let Go

Our pain and suffering does not come from letting go, it comes from holding on. When we let go in faith and trust there is no pain or strain. It is only when we resist what we know we must do that we suffer. If you are experiencing pain then you are holding on to something that you know that you need to let go.

Fear is holding you back and it is only a creation of the mind, a misguided false sense of protection. Let it go and you will see that all will be well. You know this is true because you have experienced it before. You have let go of your fear in the past and you became stronger, more powerful and more connected to your True-Self, so let go my friend, just trust and let go.

Resistance is Futile

Resistance is about believing that you are vulnerable or susceptible to something not wanted and holding a stance of protection — which only holds you in a place of not letting in the Well-being that would be there otherwise. There is nothing big enough to protect you from unwanted things, and there are no unwanted things big enough to get into your experience. -Abraham

The realization that you are always taken care of by the Divine, why just look back at what you have been through in your life and you are okay; you have survived, even flourished at times. Were did your faith go? Where did your trust go in God, The Divine, and The Universe? Life is about living and living fully comes through allowing, not resistance. Resistance pushes everything away including what you want, even need.

Therefore, the next time you notice resistance in your life, sit down and feel it in your body. Feel the tenseness and begin to release it, because trying to talk through it in your mind will only exacerbate it. You will toss and turn in bed, feel anxious and suffer. Once you connect with it in your body, you can begin to free yourself by letting go of the tension and this over time will change your thoughts. Remember to focus on what you want and leave the rest up to God.

Short and Sweet #183 – Feeling Out of Sorts

Have you ever woken up feeling out of sorts emotionally? Perhaps you were feeling angry, sad or melancholy for no clear reason. The first thing your mind wants to do is to justify this feeling. It will look for an event or person that does just that, and if we attach to this misleading thought, we will stop the body’s healing process.

The real reason these feelings come up is not for what the mind conjures up. It is to allow the release of old emotional energies from the body. Remember that all emotion is energy and this energy needs to keep moving. When we attach to the thought the energy stops moving.

With awareness, we can recognize that there is no logical reason to be feeling the way we do. Therefore, we do not have to let the mind explain it away. Explaining it away is resistance and this is the opposite of what we want to do.

In order to support the release, we must recognize the emotion and feel it consciously. This allows the energy to keep moving out of the body and not get stuck again. Some people may feel the energy moving out once they acknowledge it. Feeling the energy is not important, what is important is to not resist, acknowledge the emotion by feeling it and this allows the energy (emotion) to release from the body.

You may feel a shift in mood immediately or perhaps over a few hours depending on how much energy you are releasing. This is a safe process, remember you are never given more than you can handle. By releasing this old energy from your body, you will be able to respond more appropriately in difficult times instead of reacting from some old trigger that is no longer relevant. This helps you to stay in the moment and live a more fulfilling life.

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Short and Sweet #151 – The World of Opposites and Duality

Continuing from yesterdays post it is important to recognize that you can experience personality and soul at the same time. Have you ever had a broken heart and yet know that everything was unfolding perfectly? Or perhaps you can relate to the feeling of being cold and exhausted yet somehow completely content. This duality of feeling is the experience of soul and personality at the same time.

“… no matter what our difficulties may be, we recognize that there is a deep untroubled stream flowing below all surface troubles and that we are of one substance with that stream. The soul knows no difficulties.” – James Thornton

With awareness, we can consciously stay connected to the soul during difficult times. This shifts our experience and allows for greater understanding and more ease as we flow with the discomfort. Less resistance means less suffering and a sense of security because we know that everything is OK.

Staying present with what is, allows us to let go sooner, releases our suffering and connect with the True-Self. The True-Self is always aware of its expanded nature, whereas the False-Self is only aware of the “little me”. You know the one that worries, has anxiety and is fearful. The False-Self will also try to find lasting comfort and peace from overeating, shopping, sex, television, alcohol or a host of other empty activities. Finding your way to peace from this state keeps you in a continuous fluctuation of discomfort.

When we begin to see our problems as opportunities, the shift from resistance awakens our conscious awareness to the soul connection. Flowing into this space, without falling into resistance, we stay aware of our discomfort and peace at the same time. Allowing this natural balance of life to fall into place reveals the awakened being that is your birthright.

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Short and Sweet #58 – Coasting

We often think that if we just keep things the way they are everything will be OK this is called coasting. We have a place we like called the comfort zone and anything outside of this zone makes us feel uneasy. What I have noticed in my life is that staying in the comfort zone for too long will ultimately be even more uncomfortable than stepping outside it. We do not usually feel this happening because it sneaks up on us so slowly that we do not notice it. I often compare this to the brakes on the car. Most people do not realize their brakes are bad until they start squeaking. Once they are fixed, we realized that they were not working right for a long time before they started squeaking. Life is like that too we think things are just perfect the way they are, why rock the boat by doing something different. Yet if we foster our awareness, we can let go of our illusion of control before things start squeaking and we have to endure unnecessary suffering and discomfort.
When we resist our intuition and Soul guidance to keep letting go (see #42, #57) and growing the Divine will send us messages. These messages can be soft and gentle in the beginning but if we continue to resist they become louder. The reason for this is that life is not meant to be stagnant; it is constantly evolving and since we are a part of this living, breathing creation of the Divine, we absolutely need to keep letting go. It is as much a part of life as your heart beating or the Sun shining even when we cannot see it behind the clouds. Coasting in life gets you know where, which is why we wake up one day and wonder how we ended up where we are or having regrets instead of co-creating our destination with the Divine. If you find yourself coasting then I suggest that you step out and be of service to others. Stepping outside your comfort zone and embracing your Divine nature to let go and evolve will allow you to blossom and fulfill your Divine purpose. Remember, coasting is only a stop on the journey when needed with awareness it is not a destination.

Short and Sweet #49 – Resistance

When we resist we contravene the laws of creation, energy and God. Take that in and recognize the truth in it, because it can change everything for you. In addition, know that when you are resisting that the ego (see#44) has taken control and is leading you astray. Resistance says to the Divine that you do not believe that what is happening is right and perfect just the way it is. All your faith and trust in a higher power is gone, because with it you have no fear and no reason to resist the natural order of creation. Remember whatever you resist, will persist and intensify. As I mentioned in post #48 about pain, we have a distorted view of what is happening and if we change our perspective and attitude, our experience will change. We may be resisting because we think there is a problem coming and if we resist, then the problem will not happen or in the case of pain we think we will experience less pain by resisting. This type of thinking never works because we are acting against creation, not with it. You must remember always that we are never given more than we can handle.  We have become conditioned to resists many things in life so it takes awareness, courage, trust, faith and commitment to let it go. However, I believe that if you look back at your life, you will see times when you finally let go of your resistance and things turned out better than you expected. Remember these times when you find yourself in a difficult situation and you are resisting. Trust the Divine to create a better life for you than you could for yourself. Know that you are always safe and do not let your fear keep you in resistance but allow your faith to let you release your resistance into something greater than yourself, our collective creative consciousness that we call God.