Short and Sweet #176 – Connection

When we live our lives from a place of wanting to be correct all the time, we create suffering for others and ourselves. We destroy our home, this place we call Mother Earth and we kill in the name of our righteousness. Life is not about being correct; it is about being connected. The more we experience connection, the more love shows up.

This is the world’s salvation; this is our salvation. Without feeling and knowing our oneness, love is a mere idea, whose fullest expression is never seen. Without love, we will continue to kill for resources and we will justify our modes at any cost until we use them all up. We will continue to kill for our differences and to gain power because we our correct.

The way out is through the heart, feeling and knowing our connection to all things. From this place, we allow our truest expression of who we really are free from the bondage of wanting to be correct. Free to love no matter our differences and freely showing our love from this connection.

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