Falling Apart

“The ego’s root feeling is that if I do not hold myself together there will be a falling apart into something chaotic and difficult. So there is anxiety, an energetic anxiety which is located in the body, in the whole energetic system of the body and interpersonal turbulence reminds us again and again C’.” ~ Dalai Lama

Falling apart to me means letting go of that which no longer serves us, which means letting go of your conditioning. Conditioning contributes to the person you have become and how you interact with life, it is not the real you that is under all that conditioning.

I explained it this way to one of my clients. When NASA sends a rocket up into space at some point, the rocket drops its booster because it is no longer needed and they keep the main rocket from soaring to its destination. Our conditioning is like the booster; at some point, it begins to weigh us downs and prevents us from soaring in life.

The thought that, “If I do not hold myself together there will be a falling apart,” keeps us from living in the present moment. We must admit the truth to ourselves and stop believing our thoughts, which have no basis in reality. Listening and believing only in our thoughts lead us in a needless never-ending cycle of despair, worry, anxiety, and suffering.

Self-inquiry can expose this kind of wrong thinking every time and remember that we can feel that we are right without being right, but that we cannot be right without feeling right. Therefore, if you are not feeling centered and peaceful pay attention to how you are thinking and be open to a little self-insight.

Our Continued Madness

Short and Sweet #129 – Some Questions To Think About

We often feel many things like fear, anger, anxiety, loneliness, sadness and these feelings run in and out of our lives, sometimes daily. We like to point to someone or something outside ourselves for the cause of these feelings. However is this the cause or could it be that our perception about what is happening is making these feeling to come up? Can recent events trigger feelings that are attached to an old or previous experience? Our mind will create a story and if we accept it then we will have justification for our feelings without ever questioning them. If our mind could give us a solution, why do we continue to feel this way?

Sometimes knowing why is useful although many times I find that it is not necessary to know why. The real solution comes in letting go or releasing the energy associated with the feelings and thoughts, not in knowing why. In fact, the need to know why requires us to hold onto the feelings or thoughts until we figure it out. At the very least, it slows down the process of letting go. Begin to notice that our mind always goes to wanting to know why first and this is where we become stuck.

How would your life be without these feelings? Do you think you would be peaceful? How would you feel without them? Have you tried meditation and have trouble sitting still? Did you get bored? What would life be without these contrasting feelings; would life be boring for you like meditation? Is this what you think? Are you afraid if you let go of these feelings that nothing will be left? Who will I be without these feelings?

Could you live your life with these feelings and yet not have them affect your daily life? Do not let your mind take over here and think this is something you have to figure out. If an answer comes through your mind let it go. I am only suggesting that you ask these questions and questions like them without looking for an answer through the mind. You already know the truth, just ask and see how you feel.

A simple step to begin releasing these emotions is feeling them. Recognize that they are not connected to what just happened but what just happened showed you they are still in you. By this recognition, the energy can begin moving out. When we attach it to something that just happened, it keeps the energy stuck in the body. Self-inquiry with awareness is a great step to uncovering the True-Self.


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Short and Sweet #110 – Go to the Root

“Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”-William James

Our pain, suffering, problems and misfortune are often mistaken for their label. We think it is bad luck or that we cannot catch a break. If you are waiting for your good luck to show up you might have a long wait. Even when things are going well we find ways to feel unhappy, lonely or lost. There is always something to keep us from experiencing the fullness of life, even in the midst of that fullness.

Is it life that has to change or do we have to wake up from our slumber? One thing I know is if we do not have a practice of self-inquiry and go to the root, there will always be that next thing to keep us unhappy or feeling unfulfilled.

Know that whatever is happening has purpose. Look at your life or the lives of other people; you can see that what is terrible, tragic and traumatic when used to go to the root always produces positive changes on the other side. This is not just once in a while it is every single time.

When someone does not go to the root and the lesson is refused or resisted, his or her suffering multiplies. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to help people who are in this state, no matter how much we may want to, however we must realize that this too has purpose and allow it to happen. Remember to understand that you do not understand. This may be challenging but a necessity, otherwise we create suffering for ourselves out of someone else’s suffering. Does this sound like a useful thing to do?

Going to the root is usually not our first choice. You would think that after a few times, we would understand the benefit but for some of us it takes more than a few times to win us over. Seeing the benefits repeatedly helps to make it our first choice. Using it consistently on a daily basis reduces suffering, increases happiness, balances the up and downs of life while awakening to our True-Self.

“I went to the root of things, and found nothing but Him alone.” – Mira Bai


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