Surviving the Rough Waters Ahead

“If you don’t become the ocean, you’ll get seasick everyday.” – Leonard Cohen

Those who want to stay stuck in the old ways of thinking and behavior will continue to feel seasick. Their lack of understanding will only increase their suffering as they struggle to avoid the inevitable. You cannot stop the power of oneness that is bursting from the hearts of so many beings from around the world today.

Donald Trump and many others in power, in this country and around the world are an expression of this old thinking and behavior. Our continued evolution has brought it to the surface so that those who could not see it before can no longer avoid seeing the truth.

Those who continue to express the old paradigm cannot survive. Yes, this can be painful for those who still fear that our old ways have the power to survive and retake their lofty place in the world again. However, I can assure you this cannot happen; this will not happen. Let go of your suffering and use your fearful energy to focus on what you want; use it to catapult yourself forward, instead of holding you back. Fear is not your enemy; it can be your ally to healing when used for good.

We can no longer fear our neighbor, whether they are across the street or around the world, because in the end it will be love that brings us together, not hate, not fear, not anger; not anything that is not born out of our oneness. Deep in our hearts, everyone knows this, even those who do not seem to express it.

What many are seeing so vividly now is the expression of our deepest conditioning. If it makes you fearful, angry or worried, then you are part of the solution and you must transform this energy and use it for healing and nothing else. Otherwise, this energy will feed the very thing that makes you fearful, angry and worried. Then you will be prolonging the inevitable and your own suffering.

Remember, become the ocean and end your seasickness.

Short and Sweet #158 – Stop Attacking Yourself and Others

When we make a mistake or find fault in others and ourselves we attack through our thoughts, words and actions. Be careful if you think this does not apply to you without some investigation. We think of ourselves as stupid or feel this way when we make a mistake. In addition, we sometimes lash out at other people through our thoughts or facial expressions. We might even be frustrated enough to say something aloud to them. Just remember that it does not matter how you commit this attack it is always self-destructive and hurtful to others energetically. It never serves a positive purpose unless it is done with a loving intention.

The best things you can do in these situations until you stop the behavior, which means releasing the energy of the pattern, is to be aware and notice it. Notice the glance of disgust, your thoughts or words that you say to yourself or the other person. Now do not beat yourself up because you did it again this is attacking yourself and not helpful. In fact, the energy from this attack feeds the pattern energetically making it stronger. Just notice, acknowledge, and reset your intention to release the behavior and when appropriate make amends to anyone that you hurt.

Know that you will repeat the behavior again until you release the pattern. One day you will wake up and notice that you are not doing it anymore, celebrate this moment. There is no rush, it will take as long as it takes, so you must be willing to continue to pay attention. Sometimes you will forget and I say again, do not beat yourself up for forgetting, just acknowledge that you did the behavior again and move on.

Now if you want to add something to accelerate your awakening you can add Ho’oponopono (see Short and Sweet #24), repeat your favorite prayer or some other higher vibrational text, something that inspires you to connect with your higher self and reinforces your intention to stop the behavior.

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Short and Sweet #147 – The Body Wound and Bound

This is not meant to be technical but something useful to give you a different perspective and knowledge about your body. What I am about to share I have ongoing experience with in my body and through my work with clients since 1987.

Many fail to recognize how the body stores information in the form of energy caused by our experiences, physical and emotional trauma, in utero, genetics and past lives. I know that the last one may be hard for some to believe but I have personally experienced this in session and with clients. In addition, this information effects how we interact with the world and those around us. Sometimes these energy patterns can run in the background like a loop tape on an answering machine, which can initiate certain behavior without conscious involvement. As this information is stored, it causes changes to the connective tissue. The connective tissue is not just the soft tissue as you might think; it makes up everything in the body from blood to bone.

Another reason that causes restrictions in the body is called cross-tissue linkage. Imagine your fingers as individual fibers; the cross-linkage occurs when little fibers grow between the fingers causing them to be pulled together. Now instead of having free moving fingers they are stuck together, it reminds me of string cheese. This reduces flexibility and movement causing the soft tissue to be bunched up then over time it becomes tight and hard. These fibers can be released with certain types of bodywork like Spiral Release bringing back the flexibility and freedom.

You might be wondering how all this information can help you. By releasing the connective tissue and the energy patterns held within we can increase flexibility and movement of course but something even more powerful takes place. You can release the energy held in the tissue, which holds old trauma, emotion, and past life memories. Once released our body upgrades on all levels just as your computer does with a software upgrade. We vibrate at a higher frequency because the denser patterns have been released and this allows us to physically feel lighter and connect on a stronger spiritual level. This is one way to uncover the True-Self by releasing the False-Self, the conditioned self from the body.

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Short and Sweet #143– Spiritual Superiority Shatters Earthly Inferiority

When we live life from this truth things become much easier because we know that no matter what is happening in our lives everything will be OK. Now this is not just a lofty ideal or something to aspire to and never attain. It is very real, part of our true nature and can change your life and the world.

Unfortunately, we often get in our own way or we choose the earthly way over the spiritual way. There are many reasons for this, however I believe social conditioning plays a major role for making the earthly choice first. We are conditioned from birth to behave and even believe in certain things. As we grow up, we act from these beliefs without even knowing why or investigating them. Have you ever questioned any of your beliefs or asked yourself why you respond to certain people’s behavior in the way that you do? Do you just say it is their fault or they are stupid, immature or wrong? You may find that your beliefs are not rooted in truth but conditioning. With investigation, you may find that you do not believe them anymore, know where they came from or why you had them in the first place.

Start by paying attention to how you think and act in this life. Then contemplate these feeling, actions and thoughts. Do not point to something or someone outside yourself, look inward. Ask why you took that action or why you are feeling the way you are and notice the thoughts you are having at that moment. Call upon your True-Self to guide you and not acting from the False-Self or allow your unconscious beliefs to guide your every move.

Remember the title, spiritual superiority shatters earthly inferiority. This is important and goes to the foundation of all our problems. When we lose touch with who we really are and only live our lives for our earthly identity, we live through our flaws and conditioning. However, when we can connect with the True-Self and stay in touch with this higher guidance we will feel safe and secure knowing that all will be well no matter what happens.

We can all look back on our lives and see that we have survived everything that has happened to us to this point. We even survived those times and events when we thought we would not. In addition, something even more powerful happened going through those events when we were open to the teaching of the Divine, we came out the other side a better person, a stronger person and a more spiritual person. So do not fear what you cannot control, embrace it. Know that you will be OK and be open to whatever lesson comes with the experience because you will be better for it.


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Short and Sweet #129 – Some Questions To Think About

We often feel many things like fear, anger, anxiety, loneliness, sadness and these feelings run in and out of our lives, sometimes daily. We like to point to someone or something outside ourselves for the cause of these feelings. However is this the cause or could it be that our perception about what is happening is making these feeling to come up? Can recent events trigger feelings that are attached to an old or previous experience? Our mind will create a story and if we accept it then we will have justification for our feelings without ever questioning them. If our mind could give us a solution, why do we continue to feel this way?

Sometimes knowing why is useful although many times I find that it is not necessary to know why. The real solution comes in letting go or releasing the energy associated with the feelings and thoughts, not in knowing why. In fact, the need to know why requires us to hold onto the feelings or thoughts until we figure it out. At the very least, it slows down the process of letting go. Begin to notice that our mind always goes to wanting to know why first and this is where we become stuck.

How would your life be without these feelings? Do you think you would be peaceful? How would you feel without them? Have you tried meditation and have trouble sitting still? Did you get bored? What would life be without these contrasting feelings; would life be boring for you like meditation? Is this what you think? Are you afraid if you let go of these feelings that nothing will be left? Who will I be without these feelings?

Could you live your life with these feelings and yet not have them affect your daily life? Do not let your mind take over here and think this is something you have to figure out. If an answer comes through your mind let it go. I am only suggesting that you ask these questions and questions like them without looking for an answer through the mind. You already know the truth, just ask and see how you feel.

A simple step to begin releasing these emotions is feeling them. Recognize that they are not connected to what just happened but what just happened showed you they are still in you. By this recognition, the energy can begin moving out. When we attach it to something that just happened, it keeps the energy stuck in the body. Self-inquiry with awareness is a great step to uncovering the True-Self.


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Short and Sweet #127 – I Did Not Know I Was Lost

Yesterday I heard a short interview about truth. Did you know that once we hear a story offered to be true that we often will not believe the real truth when we hear it? We will even defend the lie over the truth. There are many factors about why we do this and some are not yet clear, but neuroscientists are studying this phenomenon now. Certainly not everyone does this but you can see how this might explain a lot in our society. Some people will fight for what they believe even when there is evidence to the contrary.

Let me ask you two questions:

Do you trust news sources, our representatives in government and other informational sources to be telling you the truth 100 percent of the time? Do you trust your own thoughts to be telling you the truth 100 percent of the time?

I certainly hope that you do not and that you question as much as you can in life, particularly your thoughts. If you do, I think you will find that most of your thoughts are not true or necessary.

By not questioning and openly accepting what we hear as true, we can be lost in life and not even know it. However, if we begin to pay attention, we are repeatedly shown just how much is not true. Let say you have a thought that says you are not worthy; this is obviously not true because everyone is worthy. Many people have self-defeating thoughts that are not true. How many people continued to believe there were weapons of mass destruction even after none were found? A story reported to be true does not necessarily make it true whether you hear it on the news, from our government or it comes through your thoughts.

If we do not question our thoughts and listen to our intuition, we will be unable to see clearly. You may even think that you are not lost now, however that could be just a story. Are you paying attention?

We buy into what we are told without investigation, we fight for the untruths in our lives and this world. If we ever want to find our way back, we must begin the journey to awaken and pay less attention to our thoughts and more attention to our intuition. We must be grounded in our hearts and not in our minds.


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Short and Sweet #118 – Mind and Ego = ME = False Self

Do not be fooled by your thoughts into believing that the body you inhabit is your True-Self. We need the ego, mind and body for this human experience. In fact, the body is one of our greatest spiritual teachers. However, they are only tools to be used during our time here.

If we do not question our thoughts and beliefs, we will be lulled into believing what they tell us. We then make decisions based on this false guidance. Do not take my word for it; prove it to yourself by beginning to listen to your thoughts, question your beliefs and begin to see the truth unravel before your eyes.

I do not need to be psychic to know that you have suffered in your life because of your thoughts, perceptions and beliefs about something or someone. Our beliefs and conditioning are so deeply rooted that it can be hard to break away from the False-Self. Without awareness and awakening from the lower vibration of the human form, we are destined to continue to suffer.

It is only when we are trapped by the ego and mind that we feel justified in our suffering. We point outwardly to the problem; it is something or someone else’s fault. However, the real problem lies within us because of our beliefs, perceptions and the thoughts that arise from our conditioned and distorted view of life. When we let go of these false views we see that our suffering was in vain.

The next time you find yourself suffering, begin to see it as an opportunity to let go of your false views. Know that your suffering is not a waste of time and use it for your highest good. It is telling you that you are seeing things through the eyes of the False-Self, it is a wake-up call.

You do not have to allow the mind and ego free reign over your life. You can release the False-Self and uncover your True-Self without suffering by bringing your awareness into the present. Recognize that your suffering is a signal to come back to your True-Self and know that with it your suffering will end. You now have a useful indicator and with practice you can eliminate suffering from your life. In the meantime, you can shorten the duration of your suffering by using your awareness ending the rein of the mind and ego over your life.


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