Who Wins in a World of Arrogance and Greed

We are, by essence, adaptive and evolving beings, and when we are not, we suffer, and if it continues long enough, we perish. This is a lesson we still have not learned from nature. The earth will survive long after we are gone because of our arrogance and greed if we do not change.

When human beings and human rights come second to money, then we all lose. We have to question the choices we are making. We must begin to make decisions that are morally right and start to live from a place of higher wisdom. Otherwise, we can expect things to continue to be how they are now and gradually become worse, creating more suffering for everyone.

The Greater Intelligence That Created Us

A greater intelligence exists in the universe than our human intelligence. Some call it God; others call it the Creative Energy of the Universe or Divine Source. There are many other names used to describe this force. We humans forget that we are not the most intelligent and productive force at work in the cosmos.

We are failing to take care of the gift this greater intelligence gives us, which is our human experience and all the life on Mother Earth. It will still be here creating and expanding long after we are gone. We must wake up to our ignorance if we want to continue to survive and thrive. If we work with it, instead of against it, we will be blessed more than we can imagine.

Unfortunately, as history has shown us, we prefer to go our own way. We believe that we are smarter than what created us and because of this, we are sowing the seeds of our destruction.

However, hope should never be lost, but we must wake up to this truth. We must begin to see the damage we cause in the name of power, money, and our righteousness. We must not wait to think about the future. We must take action now so that the generations that follow us not only have a place to live, but they can continue to co-create and expand with this Divine and intelligent energy.

Short and Sweet #14 – One Single Body

Yesterday in #13, I mentioned unity and oneness. Have you really thought about what that means or how to embody it in your life? Hazrat Inayat Kahn said, “That the whole humanity is as one single body, and all nations and communities and races as the different organs, and the happiness and well-being of each of them is the happiness and well-being of the whole body. If there is one organ of the body in pain, the whole body has to sustain a share of the strain of it. That by this message mankind may begin to think that his welfare and his well-being is not in looking after himself, but it is in looking after others, and when in all there will be reciprocity, love and goodness towards another, the better time will come.” I would go one-step further to say that the planet we live on is part of the oneness and must be included in our reciprocity, otherwise surly we will continue to have problems where no solution can be found because our attention is focused toward self-interest. If we cannot love our fellow human beings or mother earth in the same way that a mother loves her child then we are sure to parish one day from sheer selfishness disguised as a war, plaque or other disaster.

Are we Doomed?

A competition-based society like the one we live in today is doomed to fail. Why, because the value of the one cannot outweigh the value of the whole if we want to survive. The esoteric idea that we are all connected or that we are all one is no longer just some mystical or new age thought. Its validity is being proven through science. Therefore, if we continue to follow our current path in the pursuit of getting more and more stuff, more and more money then we will most definitely parish by the way of our own deeds. It is not that these things are inherently evil or that we cannot have them, but it comes down to who is driving the bus. Do we let our deluded must have thinking continue to guide us down the path of self-destruction or do we step back into the driver’s seat and self correct our destination. We are reaching a crucial point of choice for our very survival and the survival of our children. What will you choose?