One Way We Suffer

Why do we feel it is all or nothing in our lives, this country, and worldwide? Are you aware of this behavior in yourself? Living this way always leads to disappointment and, indeed, suffering. This behavior has carried over into our politics and is one of the reasons why things are the way they are today. You think it is because of what the other person believes; it is their issue. They are wrong, and I am right. Well, that is simply not true.

Just look around; you will see this behavior everywhere. It is certainly not hidden, but it is often overlooked. Of course, it is always easier to see it in someone else, but we must see it in ourselves; otherwise, nothing will change.

We are righteous in our beliefs, and the truth in our righteousness is that our beliefs are deceiving us. It is my way or the highway, my way is right, and your way is wrong, so we must do it my way. When we have such a narrow view of an issue and the world, it only causes discord and suffering.

Peace will only come when we work together and are willing to compromise. We must take the time to see each other’s points of view, but just seeing it does not go far enough. We must understand the importance and value it holds for the one who believes it. When we discount it without examination or contemplation, we invalidate the other person’s feelings and beliefs. We have all experienced this feeling. Think about a time when someone did that to you and remember how it felt.

When we can move away from being so focused on our all-or-nothing attitudes, we can create solutions; instead of gridlock. We will suffer less and move towards peace in ourselves, this country, and the world. This may seem like a tall order, especially if we wait for the other person to do it first. You must be willing to be the first to do it. Do it for yourself, your children, and grandchildren, and do not wait for anyone else, or it will never happen. The question is, will you?

Remember, there have always been conflicting beliefs from the beginning of time. However, conflicting beliefs do not have to lead to conflict if both parties remain open to the other person’s point of view and are willing to work towards a compromise. We must leave our all-or-nothing attitudes behind and come together, work together like the pieces of a puzzle. We must come together in unity rather than falling further and further apart.

I am Exhausted, Debate, Debate, Debate

Don’t you think it is about time that we stop holding our personal beliefs so tightly that nothing ever is done? Don’t you think it is about time that we get honest with ourselves and do what is right for our kids, future generations, and the world? Don’t you think it is about time we realize that there is no one answer and this issue must be addressed from multiple sides?

Do you think you know what I am talking about? Well, guess again because this is not just about guns. You are you so fixated on your side of any issue that you cannot see what needs to be done. Whether we are talking about guns, mental health, abortion, teen pregnancy, climate change or any other hot topic, we need to stop doing what we are doing now because it is not working.

What will work is a balanced approach that neither side will be thrilled with; however, from this place lives will be helped and saved. We must stop putting the issues and our beliefs first and put the human being that needs our help and love first, not the other way around.

Stop telling other people they are wrong. Telling other people they are wrong only makes them hold to their beliefs even tighter. It does not give them the space to think or to use common sense.

Everyone must first look into their hearts and do what is right even when it goes against their beliefs. We must all take a searching, and fearless moral inventory of ourselves and not someone else’s for them.

We must do what is morally right and compassionate. We must do what is right for the people who are suffering and dying, and we must be willing to let go of our desire to get what we want for the sake of the other person.

Freedom is not found in mere activity, but by taking an honest look at ourselves, our lives and then finding a way to be of service to those around us.

Even if something is written in the bible, spiritual text, constitution or law, we must be willing to revisit it, to contemplate it and make sure that it still makes sense in today’s world. Things change, and we must be willing to change with them, or we will continue to suffer from our stubbornness to keep things the same. Besides, in truth you cannot, just look at history.

When we dare to look within, begin living from our hearts and not our repetitive and fixed thoughts alone, do what is right for the other person, and let go of our self-centered desires, things will begin to get better. Otherwise, we will be stuck in this cycle of debate for years. Besides, things will change anyway, so the choice is, do we want things to change now or should we wait until we are forced to change?




Do the Right Thing

Remember no two snowflakes are alike. This is true for human beings as well. It is easy to see the beauty in snowflakes, how about looking for the beauty of each person you see today and the common thread that binds us all together. It is always there, you only have to look with an open heart. Instead, we choose to judge without knowing and to hate without understanding. It is living in this way without ever questioning our thoughts or beliefs that we perpetuate the suffering in this world and its destruction. To think that we do not have to take care of each other no matter who we are, what we believe or where we are from and this planet is a recipe for disaster and one that will ultimately destroy us all. I am not speaking metaphorically, I mean literally.

Surviving the Rough Waters Ahead

“If you don’t become the ocean, you’ll get seasick everyday.” – Leonard Cohen

Those who want to stay stuck in the old ways of thinking and behavior will continue to feel seasick. Their lack of understanding will only increase their suffering as they struggle to avoid the inevitable. You cannot stop the power of oneness that is bursting from the hearts of so many beings from around the world today.

Donald Trump and many others in power, in this country and around the world are an expression of this old thinking and behavior. Our continued evolution has brought it to the surface so that those who could not see it before can no longer avoid seeing the truth.

Those who continue to express the old paradigm cannot survive. Yes, this can be painful for those who still fear that our old ways have the power to survive and retake their lofty place in the world again. However, I can assure you this cannot happen; this will not happen. Let go of your suffering and use your fearful energy to focus on what you want; use it to catapult yourself forward, instead of holding you back. Fear is not your enemy; it can be your ally to healing when used for good.

We can no longer fear our neighbor, whether they are across the street or around the world, because in the end it will be love that brings us together, not hate, not fear, not anger; not anything that is not born out of our oneness. Deep in our hearts, everyone knows this, even those who do not seem to express it.

What many are seeing so vividly now is the expression of our deepest conditioning. If it makes you fearful, angry or worried, then you are part of the solution and you must transform this energy and use it for healing and nothing else. Otherwise, this energy will feed the very thing that makes you fearful, angry and worried. Then you will be prolonging the inevitable and your own suffering.

Remember, become the ocean and end your seasickness.


You cannot stop the constant flow of inspiration, however if you are too wrapped up in your thoughts you will no longer feel it. Remember through awareness you can recognize you are lost in meaningless thought and let it go, opening up to the field of all possibilities and infinite inspiration.

Resting in the Arms of the Divine

“Beneficial change cannot occur through intellectual reasoning or analysis. It cannot happen, because all thought is conditioned. It can only repeat what it has been taught to repeat, based on distorted self-interest.” –Vernon Howard

Lasting peace and living life fully does not lie in finding the answer to our questions. It resides in the space between the question and the answer. This is where we connect with the True-Self and rest in the arms of the Divine. You have felt this ease in your life at one time or another when you were able to let go of the questions, stop looking for answers, and just be with life. You noticed it when you were present with the person you were with or your surroundings, not thinking but just being and time disappeared. Therefore today just for a moment or maybe longer stop what you are doing and step into the space between the questions and the answers and be present with where you are and the mystery, magic and miracles that are all around you.

The RAPE of Mother Earth

We cannot continue to RAPE Mother Earth for profit and progress and expect her to survive. This ongoing addictive behavior will leave her depleted and unable to birth new life. One day we will wake up, and she will be exhausted of her beauty, strength, and resources. Moreover, if we do not start changing our ways “NOW” there will be no saving her and no hope for future generations as they will be as helpless as she was when WE plundered the life from her.

“The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found but made. And the activity of making them changes both the maker and their destination.”  – John Schaar

What are we creating the paths we are forging now? If we do not ask these kinds of questions and take action, then what kind of future do you imagine that we will create?

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Short and Sweet #91 – Soul

There are many thoughts about the soul and where it resides. Some say there is no soul and still others believe that it does exist and that it inhabits the heart. The Bhagavad Gita 2.17 says, “That which pervades the entire body you should know to be indestructible. No one is able to destroy that imperishable soul.” Others say that animals do not have a soul, which I do not believe. They certainly show more love than many of us. It makes me wonder; can you be loving without a soul?

This quote feels like truth to me. “My soul is the bridge between spirit and body and, as such, is a uniter of opposites. …Without soul at center, I would either transcend into spirit or become mired in matter.” — Marion Woodman

If you believe that you are a spiritual being having a human experience then surely you can see the need for an unbroken lifeline to the creator. I only speak in these terms in order for the mind to have something to contemplate. If you read yesterdays post, then you know the simple view is that everything is energy and so is the soul. There is no need for a label. No matter what you believe, it will not change what is true for you but what is important to know is that every encounter we have is a spiritual one. If you bring greater awareness into your life, you will find your own answers. In addition, bringing this awareness to every situation in your life will most certainly change your world for the better and everyone else around the world.

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Short and Sweet #19 – Vibration

In #16 and 17, I spoke about energetic blocks. Once we recognize that all life is energy, then we can realize and even sense or feel that everything has its own vibration. Vibration is the interconnectedness of all that exist. When a vibration becomes denser, it turns into matter. Without this vibration, we would not be able to see the flowers, trees or anything in the physical world. Even a rock has a vibration. Spirit and matter are not separate; therefore, God is in all things not just spirit but matter as well. The difference is that the vibration of spirit is much finer than the gross vibration of matter. When we let go of physical and emotional energetic blocks our vibration will raise and you will even feel lighter physically. As our vibration rises, we become closer to God because we have removed the denser, heavier vibrations that block our connection to the Divine. We can also experience this in meditation, prayers and other activities that allow us to let go of the grosser material world and connect to the finer vibration of spirit. Perhaps you have experienced this for yourself. If not, just be open to the possibility and begin to tune in to the vibration of all things in life. One day you will feel it and your world will be forever changed. 2-11-14

Short and Sweet #14 – One Single Body

Yesterday in #13, I mentioned unity and oneness. Have you really thought about what that means or how to embody it in your life? Hazrat Inayat Kahn said, “That the whole humanity is as one single body, and all nations and communities and races as the different organs, and the happiness and well-being of each of them is the happiness and well-being of the whole body. If there is one organ of the body in pain, the whole body has to sustain a share of the strain of it. That by this message mankind may begin to think that his welfare and his well-being is not in looking after himself, but it is in looking after others, and when in all there will be reciprocity, love and goodness towards another, the better time will come.” I would go one-step further to say that the planet we live on is part of the oneness and must be included in our reciprocity, otherwise surly we will continue to have problems where no solution can be found because our attention is focused toward self-interest. If we cannot love our fellow human beings or mother earth in the same way that a mother loves her child then we are sure to parish one day from sheer selfishness disguised as a war, plaque or other disaster.