“You are truly supposed to do this Tim. Thanks for being a great mentor, calm facilitator and strongly connected to higher sources.” -Manuela

Olga A Lewis, MSIS
Senior Analyst, Business Intelligence, and Analytics

I was referred to Tim Custis by my therapist, and am eternally grateful for this gentle nudge towards healing. I had spent decades pursuing various forms of individual and group therapy to cope with post-traumatic depression and a variety of self-defeating behaviors. Although I’d made patient and consistent progress over the years, I’d recently become increasingly frustrated that certain situations and behavior patterns never really improved. Working with Tim, I have experienced many shifts, some subtle, but others sudden and profound. Habitual all-or-nothing thinking has been spontaneously replaced by open-mindedness and the ability to challenge myself and see the new possibility at every turn. Tim has shown me that “impossible” is the same as “I’m possible.” There can be gain without pain!

Through my work with Tim, I was able to ask for and receive a 12-week paid medical leave, and have since returned to work transforming my punishing, overachieving schedule into a four-day work week (with minimal decrease in salary). I am more gentle with myself and others, taking time each day to rest, eat and drink properly, exercise, sleep, and enjoy my family.

I have been inspired to clean out closets, letting go of things I no longer need — both material possessions and habits of thought. I am increasingly able to remain calm and grounded in stressful situations. I am more aware of responses in my body and routinely challenge my old ways of thinking. I am unclenching. Best of all, I feel happy and contented most of the time. I enjoy increased harmony in the workplace and at home. My husband recently said, “I can’t even remember the last time you got mad at me or had a meltdown.” He now fondly calls Tim “The Exorcist.” So if like me, you think you can’t change or you are wallowing in self-pity, think again! Call Tim and get ready to transform your life!

Gerda Young, Ph.D.
Mountain View, CA

Tim Custis’s Spiral Release Bodywork is the most profoundly impactful bodywork I have ever experienced in my long (69 year) life. There is no level of experience unaffected–physical/medical, emotional, psychological, spiritual. I strongly recommend it to everyone, but especially to those who have distress in any area of their being (that would be everyone, I think).

Ragni Pasturel
Portola Valley, CA

I have been treated by Tim Custis for many years and continue to be impressed by his respectful therapy. I have more energy and I enjoy a more mindful way of living in general. As a woman in my early 70s, staying healthy and active has become even more of a priority.

Tim knows the body well and I have come to trust his healing powers. Recently a podiatric surgeon recommended that I have surgery for a mucoid cyst on one of my toes. It would have included surgery under full anesthesia, fusing two bones (shortening of the toe) and a 3-4 month recovery period.

Tim worked my toe energetically. After a week, the cyst was gone and the toe is now completely healed.

Tim also helped heal a plantar fasciitis in my right foot. He massaged by foot, taught me what I can do to help and to not be afraid to exercise the foot even though it causes temporary pain. It has been a lesson in not letting my mind dictate what I can or cannot do, but to listen closely to my body.

An unexpected bonus for me: while working my body Tim is also able to share some of his life experiences and to conduct a positive discussion about life philosophy, should the client so desire. For many years he has guided me with his spiritual insight. His way of living what he “teaches” makes the lessons learned that more powerful. Over the years Tim has helped me gain discernment of what it is to be truly alive, increasing my understanding of who I am and of my place on this earth. It has made me more tolerant of myself and of others, resulting in a richer and happier life.

Rama Krishna
San Jose, CA

I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondalitis several years ago and doctors said that there was no cure and exercise can slow down the deterioration of my symptoms. Over time my back and neck became very stiff and my energy levels deteriorated.

After suffering with stiffness in the back and neck for several years I came across Spiral Release Bodywork while surfing the Internet. I called up Tim Custis, described my symptoms and asked if he could help me.

We started off with 2 sessions a week. The first few sessions caused an immediate improvement in my posture and my body was more flexible than ever before. I have now completed 20 sessions and the flexibility of my back improves with every session. The pain has decreased by several orders of magnitude since I started and my energy levels have improved significantly.

Based on my progress, I am hoping to get back to normal soon. Spiral Release Bodywork is definitely one of the best things that has happened to me.

Sandra Matas
Sunnyvale, CA

I have been a regular client for over 5 years now, and I have seen incredible results on so many levels. My entire outlook on life is different now that my body isn’t holding so many years of trauma, anger, and pain. I’m happy and serene, and I know the work has been instrumental in my reaching this state.

There have been many times I have considered the work miraculous. I once had an ovarian cyst the size of a fist, and the doctors had told me it would have to be operated on to get it out of my system. I worked with Tim, and the cyst was eliminated by my body within a week of that. The doctors could not believe the incredible change, but they had two sets of ultrasounds to prove the cyst had been there and was then worked out naturally.

I have been overweight all of my life, and that has impacted my self-esteem and relationships with others. With the work, though, I have been able to stop blaming myself and have moved into taking responsibility for my weight. This change wouldn’t have been so quick to come if I were still holding the negativity in my tissues that had been inside for twenty-some years. I will complete my second triathlon in November.

I recommend this work to anyone who has ever had pain, or who knows they need to change their life but can’t figure out where to start. This work opens the door to mental, spiritual, and physical freedom.

A One Person Perspective – by Stephanie Kern
Yucca Valley, CA

I started SRB sessions with Tim Custis and I’ve averaged from 2 to 4 sessions per month and plan to continue. If someone had told me that I would be appreciating what can sometimes be painful work, I’d have laughed at them. But it’s true. I am benefiting from this work on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

I have had many kinds of bodywork sessions including massage, myofascial release, physical therapy, energy work, acupuncture and a variety of others. I’ve engaged with a number of practitioners and so was surprised at how relaxed I was at the very first session. Tim is compassionate, non-confrontive and he creates a safe space to deal with what can be very private issues.

Physically: I have become hyper-aware of the way I carry myself, where I hold my tension and what is no longer working. Some of the knots that have been released have allowed others to surface and I get to deal with that annoying (but bearable!) issue until my next visit. It is progressive. As the top protective layers are released, the center of the knot surfaces. This has been a fascinating process to observe, as well as experience! Tim also knows EXACTLY where the worst of the locked muscles are. This was further proof to me that this is real. If it wasn’t he couldn’t be so right on all the time!

I find myself sitting straighter, improving my work environment to better accommodate my body, and wanting/creating more movement in my life. (This is good because I tend to be pretty sedentary! :o)

Emotionally: Tim explained that releasing these tensions often brings up emotions, the emotion that caused the body to create the knot in the first place. He also said that some people feel the emotion as it is released and some don’t. It is not important for me to experience it as much as it is to simply let it go. I have experienced some emotion a few times, some sadness or anger, but most often Tim gets to feel it for me as we let it go. I actually appreciate that a lot since I don’t really want to back over all that stuff myself.

I feel clearer and much more centered. I am more aware of my emotions as they occur (a change for me), and am noticing that I am more affected by what I see, hear, and share. This is a positive change and I look forward to growing in this sensitivity.

Spiritually: Because I have been able to let go of so much, both physically and emotionally, I now feel more centered, clear on what is true for me and I’ve definitely let go of some of the blocks that stop me from doing what I want to do and being who I want to be. I used to feel as if my core being was locked up (probably for safe keeping) and I couldn’t get to my own center. That is no longer true. I now feel connected, whole, and more ready than ever to take on new challenges. AND I am enjoying life more every day.

The SRB work I’ve done with Tim has been a major factor in all these wonderful changes. I’ll continue with it as long as I can.

William Hale Sturgeon
Hayward, CA

I am 71 years old and had suffered severe back pain and muscle spasms for over eight months. I tried various modalities but found no relief in any of them. Even the simple act of turning over in bed would trigger a spasm and pain.

I have to thank Tim Custis and the Spiral Release Bodywork method for turning my life around. I am now pain-free and am starting to play golf again. I now have the posture and bearing I had in the military over 54 years ago and it feels very comfortable to stand tall and erect with my shoulders back. I have become a full participant in the Spiral Release Bodywork healing process in that I do my daily stretching and exercises religiously.

Sandy Lee Darby
Cupertino, CA

Dear Tim,

Thanks so much, for your marvelous healing work today, the heartwarming conversation and your buoyant presence. It is inspiring what you have done with the challenges in your life, and I do feel lighter, happier and freer after the work we did today. You have a gift, and I am grateful that you do much good with it.

Thanks for everything, and warmest regards,

Sandy Lee Darby

Philippe Alexis
No Diamonds
Palo Alto, CA

I experienced one of the most striking aspects of SRB during a session when Tim was working on my stomach. I had quite a lot of tension stored in that area, and as he started going deeper I began to feel a lot of emotion and heat rising to my head, up to the point where I had a headache. At the same time, I remembered an accident I had when I was 9 or 10 years old, which I had not thought about since that time.

I was on my bicycle, and I suddenly lost control of my front wheel. As I fell to the ground, the handlebar was lodged with great force into my stomach. It seemed to take an eternity to regain my breath, and I ended up having internal bruising in that area of my body. I told Tim about my recollection, and he said that it was a sign of the process of healing. Since that session, I have seen great improvement in the release of the fear I had in my stomach area, with consequences in all areas of my life.

Dr. Shoshana Zimmerman
Los Altos, CA

I am very pleased to have experienced the work of Tim Custis in Spiral Release Bodywork, a technique which I had frankly never heard about before meeting Tim. The reason I went to see him is that I know I have had a lifetime of experience holding things in and that has made my muscles and other tissues very tight and rigid. I want increased flexibility that matches my more open nature now. Exercise, massage, even Pilates have helped but not accomplished as much in months of work as Tim accomplished in just two sessions.

I am more flexible, my muscles and other tissues are more relaxed. But there was an unanticipated “byproduct” of his work—I have started to required 1-2 hours less sleep per night just because I am not tired.

Tim Custis’ work is exceptional!

Dr. Shoshana Zimmerman, N.D.
Author of:   My Doctor Says I’m Fine… So Why Do I Feel So Bad?