Spiral Release Bodywork®

What is SRB

Spiral Release Bodywork consists of deep tissue bodywork and neuromuscular therapy. While most massage therapists can incorporate deep pressure during a massage, SRB is a special therapy that encourages the permanent release of physical pain, trauma, and stiffness. Just like neuromuscular therapy, SRB addresses chronic conditions affecting muscle/nerve interaction, like carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, or tennis elbow.

The purpose of SRB is to facilitate the release of physical, emotional, and spiritual pain through the body. When you release this kind of pain, the greatest ally you have is your body. Releasing the body at this deep fundamental level guarantees physical, personal, and spiritual transformation.

The history of our life is recorded in our body at a cellular level, like music on a CD. This information can impact how we function in everyday life. For example, a woman came to me complaining of abdominal pain. After a couple of sessions, I was working in her around the pubis, and she began to cry. After a few minutes, she stopped and told me about a time when she was raped. When the rape occurred, it was so traumatic that she blocked it from her memory. Up until that very moment, she had no conscious memory of the rape. After this realization, she understood why her relationships with men had been so bad over the years. She left feeling free and able to move on in her life and relationships.

What is different about SRB

Special attention is paid to the abdominal cavity; the portion of the body extending from beneath the diaphragm down to the pelvis. This area houses the liver, intestinal tract, and other vital organs. By freeing the tension in this cavity, the organs can function more efficiently.


This area plays an important role in releasing the back and other parts of the body. We often see the body as pieces, but in reality, everything is connected and functions in concert. If there is holding in the abdominal cavity in the front of the body, it is impossible for the back to completely open. It would be no different than tying a string around part of a spring. When you pull the spring apart, it will only open so far until the string is untied; once this is done, the entire spring releases front and back. The body responds the same way; when the abdomen is open and free, the entire body will open much further, far beyond our expected capability.

Special positions and equipment are used to gain access to areas of the body that are not accessible on a flat table.

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SRB facilitates the release of emotional holding and trauma

One of my clients came over with her daughter. When I opened the door, she was crying uncontrollably and was very upset. She had experienced several personal traumas, including the breakup of her engagement over the last few days, and was overwhelmed by her emotions. She was asked to take time off from work and was unable to function in her normal life.

I did not know what to expect, but within minutes of beginning the session, she stopped crying. After we finished, she was actually smiling. She felt relief and was able to return to work the following day without any further problems.

SRB increases body awareness. This means you will come to feel your body fully and completely. You begin to understand, accept and work with the body and the information it conveys. For example, you begin to pay attention to other places in your body that might be tensing up apart from where you experienced physical release. By relaxing these areas, pain is reduced, and letting go accelerates all throughout the body. Fear and pain are indicators of areas that need to be released. Instead of avoiding these feelings, you use them as tools for change. You must first be aware that something needs to change before you can change it, so awareness is the first step.

Through body awareness, you can let go of pain, emotions, trauma, and negative energies that affect every area of your life. One of the fastest ways to change your perceptions about yourself and life, in general, is by gaining body awareness. It is an experiential state that gives you control over how much and how fast you let go.

Intuition, touch, hearing, sight, and sound are used to release holding, pain, and emotion while working with your body’s own innate intelligence.

The tissue is released by using a three-phase movement, which entails penetrating, lengthening and releasing the connective tissue with a spiral movement. These three phases integrate into a single fluid movement. Combining this movement with the power of chi/energy allows for fast and permanent change in the body.

“Intelligence is present everywhere in our bodies. Our own inner intelligence is far superior to any we can try to substitute from the outside.” Deepak Chopra, M.D.

It is well-accepted in holistic healing that we heal ourselves. Incorporating this into each session, you are asked to participate in the process by using the tools Conscious Energy Release Techniques.

Working as a team, you will easily integrate simple tools like breath, color, thought, awareness, and intention. Becoming active instead of passive during your session reduces pain and accelerates change.

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